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PayPal checkout error: We’re sorry. Things don’t appear to be working at the moment

When a buyer proceeds to checkout with PayPal, they may see this error message:

We’re sorry
Things don’t appear to be working at the moment

That is a generic error message, which could be caused by at least a couple different things we're aware of:

  • Your PayPal account settings may be requiring "encrypted" PayPal button codes;
  • You may have entered an incorrect PayPal Email address in your E-junkie profile settings:
    • In this case, PayPal checkouts from your E-junkie shopping cart may show this error after the buyer logs into PayPal, while your E-junkie Buy Now buttons for PayPal may not show the error, though the payment would ultimately wind up stuck in Unclaimed status with PayPal;
    • The PayPal Email you enter in E-junkie Dashboard under Manange Seller Account > Edit Profile must be either the email address you use to log into PayPal, or a Confirmed secondary email you've added to your PayPal account.