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Collecting Donations for Non-Profits with E-Junkie

E-junkie has a number of non-profit clients. In fact, we even provide our service to qualifying non-profits at a discounted rate. To help facilitate collecting donations for non-profits, E-junkie has a feature that will allow buyers to name their own price.

First, keep in mind that our button code images are basic and if you want a button that says "Donate" you would need to customize that on your own.

To create a name-your-own-price/donation product, start by clicking the Add Product link. Remove the checkmarks from the Single File Download and Let Buyer Edit Quantity in Cart options, and add a checkmark to the box for Let Buyers Edit Price. Unless you have a minimum amount people have to give, leave the Minimum Price as it is. You can use the Suggested Price field to specify a recommended donation amount that will pre-fill the item's price field when a donor first adds it to their cart.

If you are raising funds and providing something for the different amounts someone donates, similar to what a telethon does, you can create multiple donation products, each one with a different Min. Price, and so forth. You could also use our Variants feature to provide a menu of fixed, predetermined donation amounts for a single product (in this case, you'd probably want to disable the Let Buyer Edit Price setting).

You can also use these options to crowd-fund a project, but keep in mind that your buyers should know that they are paying upfront instead of waiting until a set time period is over.

Looking for more tips on fundraising? We just shared a resource for non-profits. Read "4 No-Nonsense Tips for Raising Funds Online" here.