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How to Use the E-junkie Third Party Integration Feature

When you are selling online, there are times when you want to send data to a third party group - it could be your accountant, a tracking service, a drop mailer, etc. To assist in this, E-junkie has a feature that will send order data to a third party for you automatically. As soon as we receive the completed order data from the payment processor, a third party  you have specified will receive the information also.
To make it even easier, E-junkie has options to set this up for all your products or just for certain products. For instance, if you want to send your accountant all of your order data so they can keep your books you can do that with the general integration. At the same time, if you are selling music and besides selling MP3s you are also selling CDs, which are printed by a third-party, you can have the product specific settings send the order data to them to print the CD and ship it to your buyer.
To setup the general integration you will first need to click on the Edit Preferences option on the right side of the Seller Admin page:
After the page loads, you will need to scroll down to reach the Custom/Third-Party Integration option on the right side of that page.  Since i mentioned it above we are going to setup the multiple e-mail option so the notification email is sent to an additional person.  To do this you will want to enter in this URL, with the e-mail address you want to enter in:
The page should look like this when you have the URL entered in:
Then, you just need to click Submit to save the new settings.  If you have more than one email to enter in you just need to insert a comma between each e-mail address. It will look similar to this:,second@email.address,third@email.address,fourth@email.address,fifth@email.address
Now let’s take a look at setting up a product specific integration to send order data to a fulfillment center. Start by clicking on the View/Edit/Delete Product option on the left side of the Seller Admin page:
Once the page loads, use the drop down menu to select the product and then click the View/Edit Product button.
You will need to scroll down a bit and then on the right side there will be a checkbox for the  Custom/Third-Party Integration option. Add a check mark to that box to open the option up. In the field that is now available, you will enter in the URL for your fulfillment center’s server:

Once again, click Submit to save the new setting to the product.
Note: The URLs I used in this blog are fake, do not use these for your own settings.
There are many other ways you can use our Third-Party Integration feature, which you can read about on our help page.
Do you have a question about how to use this feature or how to use E-junkie in general? Feel free to contact our support staff at anytime right here.