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E-junkie Third Party Integration Feature: Media Fulfillment Services

Your primary focus may be selling digital products for download, but you may also want to offer physical products or a combo package that includes a digital download AND a physical CD. You

By integrating your E-junkie account with a Media Fulfillment Service you can sell a DVD, CD or book on your website and then have it printed on demand by someone else (which is cheaper than having a large collection of ones that you have to store), processed by someone else and sent to your buyer automatically.

One of the best Media Fulfillment Services we integrate with is Acutrack. Not only can they create your CDs or DVDs on demand and send them to your buyers, but they also have options for USB memory sticks on demand and printed books on demand.

You will want to start by getting an account with Acutrack.  Within Acutrack you will need to setup your products that you will be selling with E-junkie.  Acutrack will have its own Product IDs for your products, and you will need to copy those Product IDs to make sure your products get sent out.

In your E-junkie account you will want to start by clicking on the Edit Preferences option on the right side of the Seller Admin page:

On the right side of the page you will want to add this URL to the Custom/Third-Party Integration field:
The field will look like this:
Make sure to click the Submit button at the top or bottom of the page to save the setting.
Next you need to setup your product.  Start by clicking on the Add New Product button, or if you have the product already created the  View/Edit/Delete Products button:
Whether you are creating a new product or editing one you already have what you will need to do is make sure the Product ID matches the product ID in your Acutrack account:
Click the Submit button at the top or the bottom to save the product/new setting.
Now, we do integrate with a few other options for CDs and DVDs:
Over the past few weeks we have posted a few E-junkie guides on integration options and maybe you want to combine a couple of these options. You can definitely do that, click here for more info on combining third-party integrations.
Do you have questions about this tutorial or anything about E-junkie? We can help. Email us!