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The E-junkie Third Party Integration Feature: Membership Systems

Sometimes when you sell online, you are not providing just download links but also access to content that you will be keeping on your website. These materials for members may be a video, a tutorial, special articles, etc. The E-junkie redirection feature allows you to send buyers to your website for this kind of content but it will not keep people from being able to share the webpage URL with other people. If you’re offering premium content on your site, you’ll want to keep it under lock and key, making it only available to those who have already paid you.

This is where a membership system comes in handy. A membership program helps you to protect extra content by only allowing access to members who have paid. There are many options out there for such programs, but Memberwing and Digital Access Pass are pre-integrated with E-junkie and will work especially well with your E-junkie shopping cart. Both of these options utilize WordPress plugins:

Let's start with Digital Access Pass (DAP):

  • Within your DAP account create the product you are going to sell with E-junkie;
  • In your E-junkie account you will want to create the same product. The names need to match identically;
  • Next, also in your E-junkie account, you will need to edit your preferences:
  • On the following page on the right side you will want to enter in this URL:
    • Replacing the with the URL for your website, your settings should look like this:
  • Back in your DAP account you will want to go to Setup, then click on config and locate the Payment Processing section;
  • Set the Merchant’s Payment Gateway API Login ID and Merchant’s Payment Gateway Transaction Key to your E-junkie login e-mail and password;
  • This help page on DAP's site provides further details.

Another option is Memberwing: (NOTE: Memberwing apparently went defunct some time in 2016)

  • You will need to start by signing up for Memberwing.
  • Memberwing will provide you with the URL you need to enter into E-junkie.
  • Once you have the URL you will need to add it to your product’s setting:
    • Start by clicking the View/Edit/Delete Products option on the left side of the Seller Admin page;
    • Select your product and click View/Edit Product;
    • Tick the box for Custom/Third-Party Integration;
    • Paste the URL from Memberwing in the Product Notification URL field;
    • Then click the Submit button to save the setting.


Do you have a question about E-junkie and our third party integration features? Contact our support staff any time!