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E-junkie Updates: Late Spring 2017

E-junkie is continually trying to improve our system, and while sometimes the changes are not the one that some users want to see, changes are being made.

If you have a been a long time reader of our blog you will already notice the changes in our blog just by coming to the page. The layout is more in line with how blog pages are looking today. However, that is where the changes for the blog end. The blogs and guest blogs will keep coming.

The E-junkie Marketplace
The E-junkie Marketplace has changed and is set-up in a similar fashion as the blog. This is both true of the general marketplace and our users shops. One of the bigger changes is that the general marketplace no longer shows the most current product added to the marketplace, on the front page, but instead list products by popularity. The marketplace shop of individual merchants will still list the newest products first. Also, we are proud to say that the search function for the Marketplace is back!

The marketplace is also set-up with the new E-junkie cart, which while it is currently in beta, is useable on our site and if you wish you can enable it for your site as well.

Stripe Integration
E-junkie is now integrated with Stripe for your buyer’s payments. Besides providing yet another option to our merchants, it also opens up the option to accept payment via Bitcoin. We have long had users want Bitcoin as an option, however, since it was not a payment processor, but a currency we had to find one we could integrate with and build a new integration system so we could do so. Once we had the right one, i.e. one we could work with the create the integration, we got to work on it. Next week we will go through how to set-up that integration.

And there are our newest updates. We are always willing to hear what our clients think about the updates and any suggestions they may have for our system, so if you have any please let us know.