E-Books: How to Use the E-junkie PDF Stamping Feature to Prevent Theft

May 19,2017 9 min read

When you sell an eBook online there are many different formats you can choose. From my experience the most popular ones are Kindle’s proprietary formats (AZW & AZW3/KF8), ePub and PDF. The last one is the longest lasting format, having been created over 20 years ago by Adobe.
Some would say not to use PDF because it is an old format and doesn’t give you many options, but I disagree with that notion. PDFs, when well formatted, can provide a great layout for your eBook.
When you’re selling eBooks, you have to consider security. If you have your eBook in PDF format, E-junkie can add a watermark to the upper left of each page of your PDF (PDF stamping) to deter people from sharing your eBook.
Unlike some of our other third-party integration options, the PDF stamping feature can only be setup at a product specific level. Start by clicking on the View/Edit/Delete Products option on the left side of the Seller Admin page:

On the following page use the drop down menu to select your eBook product and then click the View/Edit Product.
Once the edit product page screen opens, on the right side add a check mark to the box for Custom/Third-Party Integration. That will reveal the Product Notification URL field where you should paste this URL:
The page should then look like this:

After that, just click the Submit button to save the new product setting.  It will be about 15 minutes before you can test it and have the PDF Stamped.
There are additional options you can adjust with the PDF Stamping feature. You can read more about them on this page.
Just getting started using E-junkie and not sure what to do? Have some unanswered questions? Send our support staff an email.