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How to Setup Inventory Tracking with E-junkie

When you sell physical goods, it is very important know how much stock you have.  Even if you don’t store your products on your own and use a drop-shipper, you need to be able to be certain of what you have on hand to sell. Without this kind of tracking, you may find that you are out of products only when you are getting ready to ship something out to a customer. If you’re using E-junkie for inventory tracking, you won’t have that issue, and you won’t be at risk of disappointing your customers.
Inventory tracking is part of our standard setup, and setting it up is super easy. Start by selecting the option to create a new product:

Next, give your product a name, and price. Since this product is tangible you will want to get your buyers' addresses, so enable the Shipping/Buyer's Address option:

If you plan to charge for shipping, you will want to setup shipping as well.
Next, in the Inventory Control section of the page add a check mark to the box for Limit Available Stock. Then, in the provided field, enter in how many of that product you have on hand:

Finally, click the Submit button at the top or bottom of the page to save the new product.
In addition to setting this up in your E-junkie shop, you need to be doing regular inventory checks. And then go back and edit the product in your E-junkie account to make sure the quantity you have on hand matches what is in the product settings in your E-junkie account. 
Do you have a question about inventory tracking or E-junkie in general? Feel free to reach out to our support staff any time.