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How to Sell a File Larger Than 500 MB

When are selling your products online, you may have a need to include files that are large. For instance, maybe the file is a film you made. At E-junkie we have to put a limit on the file size that can be uploaded to our servers, maximum 500 MB each. However, if your file is over 500 MB in size, you can host the file remotely with our subscription plans starting at $20/mo and up. This means that your file will be located on your own server, and we just pull the file from there. When your buyers purchase the product from you, the product file is still provided using our download links which expire after a set number of download attempts or a set amount of time. The unique link we issue to each buyer will cloak your remote file URL, so your buyers will not even know that the file is remote.

If you have a file over 500 MB you can use these steps to host the file remotely...

  • First make sure you are subscribed to our $20/mo plan or higher
  • On the Seller Admin page click on View/Edit/Delete Products.
  • When the page loads, use the drop down menu to select the product and click View/Edit Product.
  • Make sure the Single File Download option is enabled.
  • In the Remote File URL field, enter in the URL for the file on your server (this must be a direct link to the file, i.e. when you enter the URL into the address field of a web browser it should start downloading the file).
  • Finally, click the Next button until you can Submit the changes. 
Even with Remote Files we do have a size limit of 2 GB. If you are worried about people somehow accessing the file outside of E-junkie because it is stored on your own server, you can set up extra security. If you have any questions about E-junkie you can always contact our support staff here.