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How to Sell Music Online with E-junkie

It used to be that if you wanted to sell your music, a contract with a recording company was a basic necessity. Potentially, you could book some studio time and have some 7” records pressed or some CDs burned so that you could then sell at shows, but producing music independently wasn’t easy. With the advent of MP3s, inexpensive programs for recording music and portable devices that play MP3s, a major recording company is no longer required for a budding musician. Now you just need a system to sell music online. E-junkie can provide that service for you.

Here’s a step by step tutorial for setting up your E-junkie shopping cart so you can sell music online...

Not only can E-junkie be used to sell songs, but with our bundle feature you can also sell entire albums. Let's start by adding in the individual tracks. Click the Add New Product option on the Seller Admin page:

Next, enter in the name of the track and the price you want to charge for the individual track and make sure the Single File Download Option is enabled:

Click the Submit button to save the new product.  On the next page you will see the button to upload the file for your track and the button codes for selling the individual track:

After the file is uploaded use the Add Another Product so you can add the next track.  You will want to go through those steps for all the tracks on the album so each track is uploaded as its own product.

After you upload the final track click on the Add Another Product button to add the album. Enter in the name of the Album, the price for the entire album and then add a checkmark in the box for Bundle Other Products. This will open a menu with your products listed. Using the Ctrl key on a PC or the Command Key on a Mac, select all the tracks of the Album:

Once you click Submit, the following page will have the code you need to add the entire album to your website. Now, you just need to copy the code and paste it into the source code of your web page to sell your music online.

Note: If you make physical items for your band, you can use E-junkie to sell those as well.

Do you have a question about how to use E-junkie to sell music online? You can email our support staff at any time right here.