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How to Sell Digital Downloads

E-commerce can be used for any product but with digital products, your customer doesn’t have to wait days or weeks to get what they want. When you sell digital movies, music or books, they can be delivered to your waiting purchaser immediately.
E-junkie was built to sell digital products like these and we do it quite well. If you are looking to sell your digital products, these steps will help you set it up quick and easy.

First, sign into the E-junkie admin and then click on the Add New Product option on the left side of the Seller Admin page:
On the following page you will want to name your product, add in the price and make sure there is a check mark in the box for Single File Download. You can upload the file after you save the product):

Below that, you can set how long the download link will work. By default we sent them to 5 download attempts and 5 days, or 120 hours. After one of those limits are reached the download link will expire:

After that is done click the Submit button at the top or bottom of the page to save the new product. The following page will have an Upload Product File button and your cart button codes:

The Upload Product File button will open a new window, which will allow you to browse your computer for the file and upload it: 
Note: If your file is over 500 MB, you would not be able to upload it to our servers. In that case you would need to use our Remote Hosting option, which allows for file up to 4 GB. When you are creating your product, under the Single File Download check box is a Remote Product File URL field where you can add the URL for your file on your server:
Your product will need a minimum price of 0.10 and our $20 per month plan. If you are on a demo, our support team can enable the option for you, but you would be locked in for the $20 plan at that point when you start a subscription.
Finally, if you have created a product, but did not notice the Upload Product File button on the page shown above, you can still add the file in. Click on the Add/Edit/Delete Products option on the Seller Admin page:

Use the drop down menu on the following page and click the View/Edit button. The edit page looks a lot like the Add New Product page, except in the Digital Delivery section will be the Upload Product File button:

After that, all you'll need to do is add the button codes to the source code of your webpage or use the tools provided by your web-building software to add the code in.
Do you have a question about using E-junkie?  Feel free to contact our support staff any time.