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How to Setup Free Downloads and Samples

Our discount feature helps you provide free downloads and samples to entice buyers to try you out, try you again or buy a full package. Giving could-be repeat customers a free taste of your excellent product can mean that they’ll come clamoring back for more. That’s why we provide the tools you’ll need to construct a giveaway campaign, and potentially see a surge in sales!
A little background… the discount you need to setup to allow for free downloads will be for the total of the products price. Be aware that If you are using our Buy Now buttons, you cannot set a discount that reduces the price to zero.
Now, let us walk you through setting up this kind of giveaway….
Start by clicking on the Discounts and Gift Coupons option on the right side of the Seller Admin page:
I am setting up the discount to be an automatic discount, so there is no Discount Code, at the cost of the product .99, so it is free, but only for the first 25 people who get the eBook sample before April 15th. The discount creation page will look like this:

Click the Apply button to save the discount, and that is all there is to making the discount to allow some people to get free downloads of your book. You can also put in a discount code, or codes to provide the free copies to a set group who has the code(s).
The person getting the free file will go through our Free Checkout option, which is limited to a set number per day based on your subscription plan.  The free checkout page looks like this and cannot be edited:
Now, if you are looking to provide a free download of something to entice people, but you are not looking to collect their information, or you are looking to provide a sample of a story or songs, you can do that directly on your website without using E-junkie, in fact there is not a way to use E-junkie to provide this, but we can still give you some info.
The best way to provide a free file, or a group of free files is to place the files directly on your webserver, with a direct link to the URL on your website.  For example you could setup a folder for your files on your server:
Your files would then have a URL that is in that folder:
You can also use third party servers like Amazon S3, whatever you use, make sure the URL is a direct link to the file, meaning the file starts downloading right away.  Sites like Dropbox will add a step making people go to a different site and then start the download, you want your potential buyers to stay on your page.
Once you have the URL, just like the button codes we provide, you just need to add them to the source code of your website, wherever you want the free samples download links to be amongst the rest of your site.
Do you have any questions about setting up free downloads with E-junkie? Email our support crew at any time.