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How to Use E-junkie: Being an Affiliate

Being an affiliate for a merchant allows you to earn commissions on sales and when doing it online, it allows you to do it on the side; but it may take more than placing a link on your website.

The E-junkie Affiliate Program is simple to use.  To start go ahead and sign-up for an E-junkie account:

The sign-up process is the same for affiliates as it is for merchants, this means that in a week or so you will get a message about starting a subscription.  If you are not going to sell your own products as well you can just ignore those messages. (E-junkie allows for users to be both merchants for their own products and affiliates for other products.)

Once you are singed up you can join the affiliate program.  In a different tab go to the merchants website and locate their sign-up link.  The location of the link is going to be different for each merchant, so if you have a problem locating the link, you will want to contact the merchant directly.

After you have joined the program you can then access the merchant's affiliate program for the affiliate admin page.  Use the drop down menu to select the merchant (you can belong to multiple programs):

Once you select the merchant, the links the merchant is providing will be available:

You also have the option to contact the merchant through our system and to check your sales for the merchant:

A couple things to keep in mind:
  • We do not pay affiliates directly.  It is up to the merchant to pay their affiliates and they set the pay schedule.  If you are not sure when you will be paid for your sales you will want to contact the merchant to find out.  You may even want to find out before signing up.
  • We do not allow merchants to charge for joining an affiliate program.  If the merchant tries to charge you, let us know.
  • Finally, we do not know how the merchant runs their program or about their products.  Any questions would need to be directed to the merchants.

We do have a help page for affiliates, which you can view here.