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How to Use E-junkie: Remote Hosting

If you are using E-junkie to sell your digital downloads, then we have an option to store your digital files on your own server, starting with our $20 per month plan.  Most people use this option if they have multiple large files that would go over the amount of storage our $20 plan provides, 6 GB.  And while this is a great option, there can be problems, and those problems may not be in your E-junkie account.

Let's start with how you setup a remote file.  Start by clicking the Add New Product option on the Seller Admin page:

Once thee product creation page opens up you will need to at least add in a name and a price over 0.10.  The remote hosting requires this minimum price.  Lower on the page you will need to enter in your Remote Product File URL.  In this example, I made the file name difficult to determine to help protect its location, this is known as Security By Obscurity:

Please pay close attention to the URL you use.  The file location has to be directly to the file itself, not a download page setup with a third-party system like Dropbox.  You can test this by entering the URL into the address bar of a browser window, if it starts to download, or play immediately, you should be good.

AN important aspect to keeping files on a remote server is the security of the file, and while Security By Obscurity is popular, so is using a password protect page.  To do this you would want to enter in the username and password as part of the URL, so the Remote URL would look more like this:

If you ever get as message that we were unable to access the file, the first thing you should do is look at your product settings and test the Remote URL by copying and pasting it into the address bar of your web browser, if a file does not start playing or downloading there is a problem with the way the file is setup on your remote server.  Not only is this the most common issue with remote files, but if you email our support staff about a problem with a remote file, this will be the first thing we do.

Do you have a question about using E-junkie?  If so you can email our support staff at anytime by going to this link here.