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How to Use E-junkie: The Affiliate Program Feature

When selling your products online having affiliates that can help direct traffic to your website to purchase from you can be an immeasurable assistance.  A number of different services are out there to help you with this, but E-junkie has a built in affiliate feature.

To join your affiliate program a person would need to click a sign-up link.  We provide the code for that link in standard HTML code so you can place it on your website.  To get the code just click on the Affiliate Program Settings option on the Seller Admin page:

The code will be right here:

If you want to be a little more selective on who can join your program you can send the URL portion directly to people via email.  So instead of placing this code in the source code of your site:
<a href="" target="_blank"><b>Join our Affiliate Program!</b></a>

You would send them this:

Once you have the code setup you will need to add in a Common Hop Link Landing Page, the web page you want people to end up at once they click on an affiliates link, and the commission rate, Common Affiliate Share, you want to give:

You can also setup product specific affiliate programs to provide different landing pages and rates for different products, or you can also use this option instead of the Common settings to provide commissions for some of your products instead of all of them:

Once you select a product from the drop down menu you will be able to enter in the landing page and commission rate as well as enable the option for affiliates to use Direct Links.  These are links that allow the affiliate to sell the product on their website instead of sending people to your site:

Once you have everything setup you just need to find affiliates, affiliates are not automatically added to your program.  Our system also does not automatically pay your affiliates, so you will need to make sure you pay your affiliates the commissions they earn; we suggest letting your affiliates know how often they will be paid, be it every week, month, quarter, etc.

Do you have any questions on how to use E-junkie, you can email our staff at any time by clicking here.