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How to Use E-junkie: The Sending Generated Codes Feature

A couple of weeks ago we went over how to send codes to your buyers using codes that you already have created.  But, that is not the only way to setup codes.  E-junkie also has a way to send codes to buyers that are generated by a third-party at the time the order is placed.

There are two ways to provide these type of codes to your buyers.  The first one is to use SoftwarePassport/Armadillo by Silicon Realms.  This option is a pre-integrated options, so there is less setup on your end.

You would start by clicking the Add New Product option on the Seller Admin page:

On the page that comes up, after entering in the name of the product and the price, you will want to add a checkmark to the box for Generated Codes.  In the field that is then provided you will want to enter in this URL:

In place of the bold Level text in the URL you will want to setup the signature level of the certificate.  The EncryptionTemplate is the secret phrase setup with Silicon Realms to create the codes for you.
(If you are not sure what the Level, or EncryptionTemplate, are, you will want to check with Silicon Realms)

After that click the Submit button to save the new product.

Using another code generator is possible, and all you would do is use the URL for your code generator in place of the one in blue in the above picture.
Once that is setup, you may want to customize the thank you page, and/or the thank you email, that we provide to include the [%codes%] variable.  Our system will display the code to your buyer, but with the customization option you can include a note, or instructions to your buyers with the code.

Do you have questions about how to use E-junkie?  If so, you can email our support staff at anytime on this page.