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How to Use E-junkie: Upgrading Your Account

For better, or worse, businesses change, they may grow, or shrink, but that is how things go.  You do want to regularly re-examine your target market to keep on top of things.  But no matter which way you go, unless you are using our base $5 per month plan you can either upgrade or downgrade your plan level to better fit your current needs.

To upgrade your E-junkie subscription you will want to start by clicking on the Start/Update Paid Subscription option on the Seller Admin page:

The following page will have the options you can choose from for your new subscription plan, select the one you want by clicking on it:

That will take you to PayPal:

Once you login to PayPal you will need to click the Agree and Pay to change your subscription plan level:

Your account limits will be increased, or decreased, immediately.  But you would not pay the new amount until your next scheduled payment date.  If you are not sure when that is, you can email E-junkie support to find out.

If you have any other questions about E-junkie you can also email our support team at anytime.