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How to Use E-junkie: With WordPress

We pride ourselves on the ease of use our eCommerce solution provides.  You enter in your product information and we provide you with ready to go HTML code to add to your website.  And while we suggest that everyone know a little bit about coding, many people and companies these days use systems like WordPress to build their websites, and these websites take a lot of the coding work out of the equation.

Here we will go over the basics of adding E-junkie buttons to your WordPress page. Due to the sheer number of templates and plugins available for Wordpress we will not cover using them with our code as there are just too many possible combinations out there.

The first step will be to get the button codes from your E-junkie account.  Click on the Get Cart / Buy Now Buttons option on the Seller Admin page:

Once the page loads, use the drop down menu to select the product you want the code for.  The codes will appear in the fields below (remember the View Cart code is the same for all of your products)  Also, make sure to remove the check mark in the box for Get Javascript Cart Buttons, as WordPress will not work with the javascript buttons:

Next, you will need to login Wordpress.  Once there, click on the My Site option in the upper left.  On the following page click the Add button by the pages section to Add a new page:

Once the edit screen comes up you can name the page, type in what you want the page to say and even add images directly to the page:

Once you have the page all setup, except for the E-junkie button codes, click the HTML tab.  This will change what is in the field to show the HTML code for the page thus far.  Now you will want to paste in the code you got from E-junkie, so it looks like this:

And that is it.  When you click the preview button, it should show you want your page will look like:

And that is the basics of it.

Do you have any questions about using E-junkie?  If so, you can contact our support staff at anytime by clicking this link.