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How to Capture Your Sound: The Best Music Recording Software

While music has been around for tens of thousands of years, recorded music has only been around for a little over 100 years, and computers have only recently became part of recording. 100 years ago music was recorded on to a master-disc using analog methods. Seventy years ago, magnetic tape recording began but it would be years before it was ubiquitous . Forty years ago, the age of digital recording started but the tools were expensive and stayed expensive for decades. Today, recording software is abundant and musicians no longer have to go to a studio to record their album. With the advent of music recording software, anyone can learn to capture their own sound and distribute it on the cheap.

While there are many music recording software options out there, you will want to find the one that best fit you and your band. Here are 10 great options to consider:


GarageBand is Apple’s basic program for recording music. It does require a Mac (if you have a Mac you likely already have it), but it is a simple tool to use and to learn and at just $5 it can be a great option for someone just starting out.

Logic Pro

Logic Pro is Apple’s high end music program. It is a good option if you like GarageBand but you need something a little stronger. This professional level music recording software costs just $199 and it is used by some big names.

Pro Tools

Pro Tools is another professional level option and it can be used on both Mac and Windows operating systems. With pricing options include a month-to-month subscription starting at $25 per month, Pro Tools is an option that is not going to set you back too much up front.


Cakewalk is not a piece of music recording software itself, but a company that makes a number of different options for recording - including Music Creator 7 and SONAR.  Their software is for Windows, but they provide a number of options for people at different financial levels. Cakewalk has been around for many years. In fact, their current name was the name of the MIDI sequencer they released in the 1980s.

Sound Forge

Sony is not new to digital audio, they were pioneers of digital recording in the 1970s and with the Philips company, they gave the world the CD. Sound Forge is available for both Mac and Windows and they offer a range from their basic Audio Studio 10 all the way up to Audio Master Suite 2.


Reaper is a music recording software option available for both major operating systems. They have been around for just over ten years and the most recent update to their software was at the beginning of this month. With software starting at just $60 (if you qualify for the discounted price) and regular pricing comparable to other professional level programs, this is an affordable option for budding musicians.


NCH Software’s MixPad is a nice free option for recording your band. Besides being a free, their software is available for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android and Kindle, which makes it easy to record tracks anywhere. That makes it a super viable option if you’re considering recording live shows.


Although it is still listed on their site as being in beta, UJam is an online recording option. You don’t need to download software and it will work on most any platform. It is also a free option.


AudioSauna is another free online recording option. Like UJam you can use it on most any device that you can access their website from.


Soundation is service that offers a free option (which gives you a lot of tools to record yourself) but you can upgrade if you want more features than they offer with their basics plan.

We are confident one of these tools will be a great fit... so get out there and get to recording! Once you have a digital mp3 or CD to offer up to fans or potential fans, we’ll be happy to get you setup for selling on E-junkie! Feel free to reach out any time with questions.