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How To: Selling Webinars with Redirect Feature

Not everything for sale online should be offered as a digital download or a product to be shipped to buyers. Webinars, for example, are often not something that are downloadable and it certainly doesn't make sense to ship a webinar to buyers. But it does make sense to direct buyers to your site after they make their payment to watch and participate in your for sale webinar. We have a redirect feature that will allow you to do that.
With E-junkie, selling webinars is easy. You can direct buyers to a page on your own website after checkout instead of the ‘thank you’ page we provide on our server. This can be done at the product specific level or at a general level.
To set it by the product, you will start by clicking on View/Edit/Delete Products:

On the following page select the product and click the View/Edit button. This will bring up the Edit product page. On that page add a checkmark to the Redirection option and enter the landing page URL you want your buyers to go to after they purchase:

Click the Submit button after you setup the new settings to save them.
If you want all of your buyers going to the same thank you page on your site, regardless of the product purchased you will want to use these steps.
Start by clicking on the  Edit Preferences option on the Seller Admin page:

Once the page opens, scroll down to the Common Thank You Page URL field and enter in the URL of the page you want your buyers to go to after checkout:

Then, click Submit to save the data and you’ll be setup for selling webinars.
If you are providing download links through E-junkie, and you also want to send buyers to a thank you page on your site, that is possible. Butit would require you to write some extra coding on your website. Here’s how to do that.
Need help selling webinars online with E-junkie? Email our support staff any time here