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Setting Discounts for Individual Products

So, we have shown you how to set-up gift coupons and general cart discounts, now let's work on setting up discounts for individual products.
Start by clicking on the Discount & Gift Coupons option on the Seller Admin page:

You will want to make sure the Select discount drop down menu is set to Add New Discount. It should be by default but be sure to double check. Give your Discount a name in the provided field.
Set the  Discount Applies To drop down menu to Item Unit Price. To the right of that you can use the drop down menu to select the product for which you want to create the discount. In this case I set it for Product 1.
Next, if you want the buyers to type a code in to get the discount, you will need to add at least one code to the Discount Code field.
Below that is the discount expiration options. In this case, I did not set limits on the date and time (though you could) but I set the discount to apply to the first 100 people who used the code.
Finally, if you want order requirements you can enter in a minimum number of items to be in the cart, or a minimum total in the cart for the discount to work.  When all is done it should look like this:

Click the Apply button to save the new discount.
You can also choose to setup a discount that will work for some but not all of your products.  It takes extra work to set-up, but it is possible.  What you will need to do is setup multiple discounts like the one above that all use the same Discount Code, but you need to make sure the Discount Name on all of them are different.
If you have any questions about using E-junkie, let our support staff know. You can contact us here.

Happy selling!