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Setting Up Advanced Sales Tax Option in E-junkie

Sales Tax is important when you are running a business. You need to be able to collect them, and in some cases you need to be able to collect more than a single set rate from everyone.  With E-junkie, if you are in the United States or Canada, you can use the Advanced Sales Tax option to set up different sales tax rates for different places.

Start by clicking on the Sales Tax / VAT Calculations option on the Seller Admin page:

On the right side of the Sales Tax / VAT page is the Advanced Sales Tax option. You can enter in a state’s abbreviation, followed by a comma and then the rate you want to charge for that state. It will look like this:

For U.S. merchants if you notice I was also able to enter in places that are not states, such as Puerto Rico and American Samoa.

But you can also enter in rates based on the Zip Code, or portions of the zip code. For example if we wanted to tax everyone in Arizona, except those in the Tucson area at one rate and than people in the Tucson area at a different rate, we can enter in the first two digits for the whole state 85, or just use the AZ option again, and for the Tucson area include the next digit so it would be 857, so it would look like this:

Just like in our previous post about the general Sales Tax settings, you will need to make sure to enable the Sales Tax option in the product:

Always make sure you are charging sales tax to the appropriate customers by consulting with a tax expert in your area.

And if you have any questions about E-junkie, you can email our support staff here.