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Setting Up An All Cart Discount

Last week we walked you through how to setup gift coupons, today we will give you information on how to setup a general, all cart discount.
In your E-junkie account, start by clicking on the Discounts & Gift Coupons on the right side of the Seller Admin page:
Once the page loads, the Select Discount drop down menu should already be set to Add New Discount, if it is not, set it that way.  You will need to give the discount a name, then set the Discount Applies To drop down menu to Cart Item Total.  You can then set the the Amount as a Flat Amount or % Off, using the drop down menu next to the Amount field.  For this example I am setting a 25% discount.
I am leaving the Discount Code(s) field blank, this will make the discount automatic, if you want your buyers to enter a code to get the discount you must enter at least one code in the Discount Code(s) field.
Finally, you can set a Max. Use Count, the number of times the discount can be used; an Expiration date, which I set for the start of December 1st, so the discount is good through Cyber Monday.  You can also choose to to have minimum requirements for the discount to be applied.
After you have it setup, click the Apply button to save the new discount.
Remember, Cyber Monday is around two weeks away, and if you are planning any sales for the holiday season, you should start gearing up.
If you have any questions about using E-junkie just contact our support staff here.