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Setting Up Product Specific Shipping Rates

Last week, we showed you how to setup your shipping based on a single flat rate for each item. This week, we will walk you through how to set up product specific shipping rates -- i.e. different flat rates for different products. Something to keep in mind with this approach: You can only set up 9 different rates. (If you need more than 9 different product-specific rates, please see this help page for a different approach).
To create product specific shipping rates, you will need to set-up each product (or a set off products) with the packaging type unique to it. To do this, click View/Edit/Delete Products  on the left side of the Seller Admin page to pull up the Select Product page:

From there you will want to select a product from the drop down menu and click View/Edit Product, this will bring up the Edit screen. Make sure you have a checkmark in the box for Shipping/Buyer’s address on the left side of the screen. In the Package Type drop down menu select one of the options and then set the Packaging Capacity to 1:

Tip: You could also set the Packing Capacity to some other quantity if the product can ship for a flat rate per quantity band -- e.g., you can set Capacity to 3 for a flat rate that covers 1-3 units, then kicks in again for 4-6 units, 7-9 units, etc.

After that click the Submit button to save the new settings.
You will want to repeat these steps for your other products, using different Package Type for your different products.
After your products are setup it is time to setup the shipping settings.  On the right hand of the Seller Admin page click on Shipping Calculation.  On the top half of the page, one the left side, under Define Packaging you will want to enter in the Cost for the different package types:

After you enter in those amounts click Apply on the right side to save the new settings.  As long as you do not have shipping rules setup you will have your products setup to ship at different rates based on the specific product.
Do you have questions about setting up product specific shipping rates or using our new interface? Our support staff is waiting to hear from you, just use the Contact option at the bottom of our webpages.