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The New E-junkie Cart is Open for Beta Testing

A few weeks ago we mentioned in our blog about the new cart that we have been developing. Well starting today we are opening that cart up for beta testing by our users.

The new cart is more modern and is setup to work better on mobile device. It also includes an embedded secure checkout screen for card-based payments.

If you want to help us beta test the new cart it is an easy option to turn on and off. Just login to your E-junkie account and then in a new tab in your web-browser open this link. Scroll down and click on the orange Get It Now button and click Confirm.  Or you can just click on the link when not logged in and you will be directed to login first.

If you want to go back to the old cart from the beta, just return to the same page and add a check mark to the box to opt-out and click Confirm. You can even go back and forth if you want (although you may need to reload your sales page to see a change).

Moving between the old and new cart requires no changing of the code on your sales page, it will work with the E-junkie code already on your website.

If you have an issue with the New Cart, or just a comment you want to make on it, you can contact us here to let us know.

Like we mentioned a few weeks back the new cart is not going to work with the customization feature, so if you have customized the cart on your page you will still get the old cart. However, we are going to be working on skins and language options for the new cart so it can better match your website.

So if you have a chance give our New Cart a test drive and let us know what you think.