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Can E-junkie checkouts happen on my own site/domain?

E-junkie is a "hosted" solution (i.e., cloud-based software as a service), meaning we manage the software on our own servers, where it is shared in common among all sellers subscribed to our service. That and the involvement of third-party payment services means that our checkouts would transpire either on the payment processor's secure checkout site or on a secure checkout page we generate for your card-based checkouts on our "fatfreecartpro.com" domain.

Our solution would not allow checkout to happen on your own site and domain; that would require you to install a "licensed" e-commerce software package on your server along with an SSL secure-encryption certificate for your domain, instead of using E-junkie. Our solution spares you all that technical hassle, but one of the necessary tradeoffs for that ease-of-use is that checkouts must occur outside of your site.