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Can E-junkie checkouts happen on my own site/domain?

If you have your own Web site, you can copy and paste E-junkie purchase button codes into your own sales pages to sell directly from your own site. If you use our Cart button codes and also paste one copy of our Cart Script code into every sales page, our shopping cart can appear as an overlay within your own page when buyers click any E-junkie Cart button in the page.

Furthermore, if your site also loads securely with an https:// URL, our secure checkout screen for card-based direct payment can use that cart overlay within your own page, even if you're using our Buy Now buttons rather than Cart buttons.

However, if your site loads with a regular http:// URL, buyers who pay directly with a card would be redirected to our secure checkout as a freestanding page under our fatfreecartpro.com or e-junkie.com domain; you can contact us if you'd prefer to switch which of those domains your E-junkie button codes and secure checkout pages use.

Regardless of all that, buyers who choose to pay by PayPal will always be redirected to PayPal's secure checkout site.

If you don't have a site of your own, you can sell from a Shop page in our site's Marketplace, but there you can only customize the first part of your Shop domain—e.g., https://yournamehere.e-junkie.com/. If you also register a fully custom domain, typically you could set that up to simply redirect to your E-junkie Shop domain.