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How to cancel your E-junkie subscription

  1. Log into your PayPal account and stay logged in;
    Note this must be the PayPal account which is sending us your subscription payments, in case that may differ from any other PayPal account(s) you have; you can see which PayPal account to log into at E-junkie Dashboard > Manage Seller Account > View Account Summary.
  2. Click here to view your subscription(s) for us;
  3. If you only have one E-junkie account subscribed, skip to Step 4 below; however, if you have more than one E-junkie account subscribed:
    1. Click your latest payment to SINE INFO VENTURES PRIVATE LIMITED (our parent company) for the subscription you wish to cancel;
    2. Verify the Subscription ID or Recurring Payment ID there matches the ID you wish to cancel:
      • You can find this ID in the relevant account's E-junkie Dashboard > Manage Seller Account > View Account Summary screen;
      • If it doesn't match, find your next prior subscription payment and check the Subscription ID on that, until you find the ID that matches.
    3. Click View Subscription Details or View Recurring Payment Details.
  4. While viewing the payment details in PayPal, click the Cancel link or Cancel Subscription button (you may need to scroll down to see this);
  5. Then click Cancel plan or Cancel Subscription again on the next screen to confirm;
  6. If you have other subscriptions you also need to cancel, repeat the steps above for each of those.

After you cancel, your E-junkie account would remain active through the end of your currently paid term (i.e., until your next monthly payment is due), plus a 20-day grace period after that, before we would deactivate your account and remove your products. Even after your subscription lapses, you will always be able to log in and access your E-junkie Transaction Log indefinitely.