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Changing your E-junkie payment plan

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Our subscriptions work as a payment plan we help you set up in your PayPal account, telling them to send us the same amount every month automatically. Changing your plan will require you to log into the PayPal account that is currently sending us your monthly payments, which you can check in E-junkie Dashboard under Manage Seller Account > View Account Summary.

Upgrading to a larger plan

PayPal no longer supports modifying an existing payment plan, so to change plans you will simply need to cancel your current subscription, then you can use the Start/Update Paid Subscription link in your E-junkie Dashboard to restart payments at your desired new plan level.

This will not interrupt your service nor affect any of your products; this is only a change to your scheduled payments, so the rest of your E-junkie account will remain unchanged.

Downgrading to a smaller plan

This would work the same as we explain in the Upgrading section above; however, the Start/Update Paid Subscription screen in your E-junkie Dashboard will only offer plans that can accommodate your account's current usage, so first you will need to make sure your usage will fit within the products and storage limits for your desired new smaller plan.

You can check your current usage at any time in E-junkie Dashboard under Manage Seller Account > View Account Summary. You may need to delete products and/or uploaded files to reduce your usage enough to fit the smaller plan's limits first. Also note that products using a Remote Product File URL will only work with plans of $20/mo and up, so if you have any such products but want a cheaper plan, you'd need to edit those products to replace their remote file URL with an uploaded file.