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How to change your E-junkie Subscription plan level

Monthly subscription payments are administered via your PayPal account, and can be changed or canceled at any time via PayPal.

If you wish to upgrade your plan between payments we will give you immediate access to your upgraded plan's benefits without any extra payment in the meantime. Your next scheduled payment will begin at the higher rate but you can start adding new products and files right away.

PayPal has recently started limiting plan upgrades to a 20% increase in price, which exceeds the difference in pricing between our plans. To work around this restriction you will simply need to cancel your previous subscription before starting a new one. This will not interrupt your service nor will it delete any of your products -- this is only a change to your scheduled payments and the rest of your E-junkie account will remain unchanged.

See our help page here for instructions oncanceling the current subscription for your E-junkie account, then restart payments at your desired new plan level.