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You can use thank-you page template codes to insert order-specific and item-specific data in your thank-you page, so the full page can be saved or printed as an invoice. This may be handy for sellers using PayPal Payments Pro, which does not send a payment receipt email for buyers who checkout using Direct Payment with a credit card (rather than using their PayPal account). Please see this page for tips on viewing your customized thank-you page.

To provide buyers a link to this detailed invoice page, each of your products' settings should tick the box to Enable Templated Email and include the template tag [%thankyou_link%] where you want the link to appear (ideally on a line by itself), or you can just disable the Product Thank-you Emails entirely and rely on the single Common Thank-you Email we normally send for each order regardless of the item(s) purchased, which you can customize in Seller Admin > Edit Preferences. This also means that you cannot redirect to a Common Thank-you Page URL (in the Edit Preferences screen), as that redirection would bypass viewing this customized invoice page.

Adding order-specific details

  1. Go to Seller Admin > EditPreferences;
  2. In the Common Thank-you Page HTML field, you can paste custom HTML and order-specific template codes to insert general order details that are not particular to any item in the order; these will be added at the bottom of the page, after the items in the order are listed;
  3. E.g., you might insert something like this:
    <table width="100%"><tbody><tr><td width="50%">
    <b>Ship To:</b><br>
    [%city%] [%state%] [%zip%]<br>
    </td><td width="50%" align="right">
    Item SubTotal: $[%total%]<br>
    Sales Tax: $[%tax%]<br>
    Shipping: $[%shipping%]<br>
    Order Total: $[%gross%]
    <p align="center"><b>Buyer:</b> [%first_name%] [%last_name%] ([%payer_email%])<br>
    Invoice: [%invoice%]<br>
    Transaction: [%txn_id%]</p>

    EU sellers may wish to replace the Sales Tax: $[%tax%]<br> line with these lines for VAT:
    [%country_digital%] VAT: [%vat_digital%]<br>
    [%country_tangible%] VAT: [%vat_tangible%]<br>

  4. Click Submit to save changes.

Adding item-specific details

  1. Go to Seller Admin > View/Edit/Delete Products;
  2. Select a product from the menu and click View/Edit Product;
  3. In the Product Thank-you Page HTML field, you can paste custom HTML and item-specific template codes to insert details about that specific product;
  4. E.g., you might insert something like this:
    <p align="right">Item #: [%item_number%]: Qty. ([%quantity%]) X $[%sale_price%]

    EU sellers may wish to add the following line for VAT:
    <br><i>(incl. [%vat_rate%] [%vat_country%] VAT)</i></p>

  5. Click Submit to save changes;
  6. Repeat these steps for your other products in Seller Admin.

Example invoice-style thank-you page

The example codes given above would produce a thank-you page like this:

  • Click here to download Example Download Item Name.

    Item #: 123456: Qty. (1) X $0.99

  • We've successfully received the order for Example Tangible Item Name.
    Quantity ordered: 3

    Item #: 789010: Qty. (3) X $20.00

  • Click here to access Example Redirection Item Name.

    Item #: 111213: Qty. (1) X $5.00

Ship To:
First Last
1234 Avenue St.
Townville, AZ 12345
United States
Item SubTotal: $65.99
Sales Tax: $3.30
Shipping: $5.00
Order Total: $74.29

Buyer: Firstname Lastname (user@example.com)
February 30, 2012
Invoice: ab1cd2ef3gh4ij5kl6mn7op8qr9st0uv1wx2yz
Transaction: A1B2C3D4E5F6G7H8

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