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How to make your thank-you page into an invoice

To provide buyers a link to their detailed invoice page described below, each of your products' Advanced Settings > Product Thank-you Email should tick the box to Override default email message and include the template tag [%thankyou_link%] where you want the link to appear (ideally on a line by itself). You could also just disable the Product Thank-you Emails entirely and rely on the single Common Thank-you Email we normally send for each order regardless of the item(s) purchased, which you can customize in Seller Admin > Manage Seller Account > Edit Preferences. This also means that you cannot redirect to a Common Thank-you Page URL (in the Edit Preferences screen), as that redirection would bypass viewing this customized invoice page.

New Thank-you Pages

Our latest thank-you page design now provides much of this information as standard, so you may wish to enable that for your account (if it isn't already) and see if that will meet your requirements before you delve into the instructions below. To see if this new page is enabled for your account, or to enable it if not, just sign into your E-junkie Seller Admin and click the Try New Features button in the top header. To see the page, just click any Transaction ID or Item Name in your E-junkie Transaction Log.

Old Thank-you Pages

You can use thank-you page template codes to insert order-specific and item-specific data in your thank-you page, so the full page can be saved or printed as an invoice. This may be handy for sellers using PayPal Payments Pro, which does not send a payment receipt email for buyers who checkout using Direct Payment with a credit card (rather than using their PayPal account). Please see this page for tips on viewing your customized thank-you page.

Adding order-specific details

  1. Go to Seller Admin > Manage Seller Account > Edit Preferences;
  2. In the Common Thank-you Page HTML field, you can paste custom HTML and order-specific template codes to insert general order details that are not particular to any item in the order; these will be added at the bottom of the page, after the items in the order are listed;
  3. E.g., you might insert something like this:
    <table width="100%"><tbody><tr><td width="50%">
    <b>Ship To:</b><br>
    [%city%] [%state%] [%zip%]<br>
    </td><td width="50%" align="right">
    Item SubTotal: $[%total%]<br>
    Sales Tax: $[%tax%]<br>
    Shipping: $[%shipping%]<br>
    Order Total: $[%gross%]
    <p align="center"><b>Buyer:</b> [%first_name%] [%last_name%] ([%payer_email%])<br>
    Invoice: [%invoice%]<br>
    Transaction: [%txn_id%]</p>

    EU sellers may wish to replace the Sales Tax: $[%tax%]<br> line with these lines for VAT:
    [%country_digital%] VAT: [%vat_digital%]<br>
    [%country_tangible%] VAT: [%vat_tangible%]<br>

  4. Click Submit to save changes.

Adding item-specific details

  1. Go to Seller Admin > Manage Products > Edit Products;
  2. Select a product from the menu and click View/Edit Product;
  3. Under Advanced Settings in the Product Thank-you Page HTML field, you can paste custom HTML and item-specific template codes to insert details about that specific product;
  4. E.g., you might insert something like this:
    <p align="right">Item #: [%item_number%]: Qty. ([%quantity%]) X $[%sale_price%]

    EU sellers may wish to add the following line for VAT:
    <br><i>(incl. [%vat_rate%] [%vat_country%] VAT)</i></p>

  5. Click Submit to save changes;
  6. Repeat these steps for your other products in Seller Admin.

Example invoice-style thank-you page

The example codes given above would produce a thank-you page like this:

  • Click here to download Example Download Item Name.

    Item #: 123456: Qty. (1) X $0.99

  • We've successfully received the order for Example Tangible Item Name.
    Quantity ordered: 3

    Item #: 789010: Qty. (3) X $20.00

  • Click here to access Example Redirection Item Name.

    Item #: 111213: Qty. (1) X $5.00

Ship To:
First Last
1234 Avenue St.
Townville, AZ 12345
United States
Item SubTotal: $65.99
Sales Tax: $3.30
Shipping: $5.00
Order Total: $74.29

Buyer: Firstname Lastname (user@example.com)
February 30, 2012
Invoice: ab1cd2ef3gh4ij5kl6mn7op8qr9st0uv1wx2yz
Transaction: A1B2C3D4E5F6G7H8