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Tracking conversions from thank-you page visits

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The Problem

Third-party services that track sales conversions from a tracking code/pixel placed in the thank-you page can be a bit tricky to use with E-junkie, since we hand-off checkouts to an independent payment processor which may not be able to automatically redirect buyers back to any thank-you page -- or if they can, they may do so before we receive confirmation of completed payment and can generate download links for the buyer. Furthermore, some tracking services, such as Google Website Optimizer, may also require the conversion page to be on the same domain as your Web site, whereas our standard thank-you pages are hosted on E-junkie's servers.

The Solutions

If you are selling only downloads:

Download buyers should always wind up viewing your thank-you page at some point because that's where they would claim their download. These conversions should track fairly consistently without any special steps aside from putting the tracking code in your sales pages—see our main tracking help page for further details.

However, if your tracking service also requires your conversion page to be on the same domain as your Web site (and you're willing to give up detailed Ecommerce Tracking features in Google Analytics), follow these steps:

  1. Create a thank-you page on your own Web site:
    1. Add your tracking code to that page;
    2. Add IFRAME scripting in your page as explained here to display the content of your E-junkie-generated thank-you pages (including download link) inside your own site's thank-you page;
    3. If your tracking service needs the specific URL of the conversion page (e.g., when using Goals in GA), provide the URL of your site's thank-you page and specify that the URL will begin with that (e.g., Head Match in GA Goals, or "Starts With" in LinkedIn), so they will ignore the order-specific query string we normally attach to the end of your URL when we redirect the buyer there.
  2. In your E-junkie Dashboard go to Manage Seller Account > Edit Preferences:
    1. Common Thank-you Page URL: Enter the URL of that thank-you page you created on your site;
    2. If you wish, customize the Common Thank-you Email message template, but make sure you keep the [%thankyou_link%] code in there somewhere (ideally on a line by itself) where you want a link to the buyer's download page to be inserted, and try to keep your message as brief and to-the-point as possible, to minimize any possible "bait" for spam filters;
    3. Click Submit to save changes.
  3. In the settings of each product:
    1. Un-tick the box for Product Thank-you Email Message to disable this message entirely;
    2. Tick the box Don't include default greeting and link/code and write a custom Email Message to buyers that includes the template tag [%thankyou_link%] (ideally on a line by itself) where you want us to insert the link to the buyer's thank-you/download page (for a list of other template tags you can use, see this help page);
    3. Click Submit to apply changes.

This way, buyers who choose to click past the end of checkout to reach a thank-you/download page would be directed to a page on your own site with the same domain as your shopping pages, and even if they don't proceed to that page after checkout, the link provided in their Common Thank-you Email will also redirect them to that page, which they must visit at some point to claim their download.

By disabling the default thank-you email message for specific product(s), buyers will not be emailed a link directly to any E-junkie-generated thank-you/download page that would bypass the conversion tracking in your own site's thank-you page. Bear in mind this means if you use the "Send free download link" function for that product in your E-junkie Dashboard, you would need to type a custom message when you send the free link.

If you are selling only tangible goods and/or intangible services:

This scenario can be troublesome with PayPal checkout, as even the following settings cannot ensure every buyer arrives at your thank-you page after checkout with PayPal. All this does is bypass the requirement for buyers to manually click the Return to Merchant button at the end of PayPal checkout; however, they would still wind up viewing that final checkout page for several seconds before the Auto-Return would occur, during which the buyer could simply close the window/tab or navigate away to another site before Auto-Return can redirect them to any thank-you page.

  1. In your PayPal account under [your name] > Account Settings > Website Payments > Website Preferences screen, set Auto-Return: ON and Payment Data Transfer: ON, and provide this Auto-Return URL where indicated:
    (Replace the XXXXXX with your own E-junkie Client ID, which you can find in E-junkie Dashboard under Manage Seller Account > View Account Summary);
  2. In your E-junkie Dashboard go to Manage Seller Account > Edit Preferences and un-check Wait for pending payments to clear before processing;
  3. If your tracking service also requires a conversion page on the same domain as your Web site:
    1. In your E-junkie Dashboard go to Manage Seller Account > Edit Preferences and provide a Common Thank-you Page URL for a thank-you page hosted on your own site;
    2. Include your tracking code in your site's thank-you page.

We do not recommend the method above for download sellers, since enabling Auto-Return in PayPal would cause problems with providing download links immediately following checkout (increasing your buyer complaints and payment disputes), and while disabling "Wait for pending payments..." would work around that, it would also allow buyers to claim their download before their payment could be confirmed as completed.