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Unable to log into E-junkie Admin

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If you can log in but are automatically logged out immediately, then make sure your browser cookies are enabled, and clear cookies for good measure before logging in again.

If you are getting a Login Failure:

Sometimes after logging out, immediately attempting to log right back in again from that same screen will not work; in this case, you can simply reload the page and try logging in again.

Otherwise, this normally means you have entered the wrong password for the login email you provided. You can click Forgot Password on our login page and enter your E-junkie login email to have a reset-password confirmation link emailed to you. Clicking that link will take you back to our login page while a temporary password is emailed to you in a separate message.

Be patient in waiting for the reset-link and password to arrive, as using Forgot Password again would start this process over, which could wind up disabling the first link or password by the time they finally arrive in your inbox. Once you login with your temporary password, go to Manage Seller Account > Edit Profile and change your password to something memorable.

If you get an Email Does Not Exist error:

That means the email address you are trying to log in with does not match any account in our system. Perhaps you have changed your login email, or you are trying some other email address that is not actually your E-junkie login email. If you cannot remember it, please contact us with your PayPal Email, or E-junkie Display Email, or PayPal Subscription ID, or your Web site URL where you are using E-junkie buttons, so we can look up your account info.

If you get an IP Address Blocked error:

That means that you've tried an incorrect Login E-mail and Password combination too many times or have been trying some invalid E-junkie purchase URLs too often -- e.g., if you customize any products' Item Numbers without replacing their button code in your site, repeatedly testing the old buttons in your site could resemble certain types of hacking activity and trigger a block on your IP. You will need to contact us to get your IP Address unblocked, or just wait for your IP to be unblocked automatically after 24 hours.

If you get an Account Suspended error:

That means your account has been suspended for abuse or other violations of our Terms of Service. We will not restore your account or deleted products, and we will remove them again if we find them readded in the future. If you had already started a subscription, this help page explains how you can cancel your subscription payment plan from your PayPal account. Common reasons for suspension include:

  • Complaints of copyright infringement including formal DMCA Notices from the legal copyright holders of materials you were selling;
  • Sending/posting spam messages to promote your products;
  • Excessive buyer complaints indicating an apparent patten of intentional scamming activity;
  • Selling illegal products or use of our service to engage in other illegal activity;
  • Abuses of our software such as using automation to add/delete products and product listings in E-junkie Shops/Marketplace, etc.