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Generating New Leads with Free Products

Generating New Leads with Free Products

One way many sellers gather potential leads for future sales is with a free offer. By giving out a free digital download you not only introduce your work to new people, you give them a chance to hear about more of what you have to offer. E-junkie can help with this step by automating delivery of your free product and handling your mailing list much like we do for paid transactions.

There's nothing complicated about it, just create any product with a price of 0.00 and use our Cart buttons or our Product Card to offer it from your own website or E-junkie shop.

Our new Product Cards offer a whole new way to make free offers and sales, each card is its own self-contained minuature sales page that uses images and text you provide and is also pre-integrated with Google or Facebook analytics. We provide our usual button code for Product Cards but they work just as well from ordinary text links that you can put up on Facebook, Twitter or any other location on the intenret where HTML code isn't an option.

See our example card here! You can format this link any way you like!

A Free Checkout option will be provided that allows anyone interested to complete the purchase at no cost and immediately receive a download link afterward. On the checkout screen they will be presented with the option to Subscribe for Newsletter and Updates which will add them to your E-junkie account's internal mailing list for easy contact in the future -- we can also pass their information on to other mailing services such as Mailchimp.

How to Use Your New Leads

Now that you've used a free offer to build up a mailing list you have the chance to share more of what you have to offer with people who are already interested and likely to respond! Our Newsletter and Updates service will allow you to send a fully customized message to everyone on your list, you can even use it to send out updated download links or just include special offers to your other existing items. You can also view and download your mailing list from our system to be used elsewhere or handle the future contacts from a connected service like Mailchimp!

A Few Things To Keep In Mind Regarding Free Checkouts and GDPR Compliance

We promise no limitations on download delivery for paid transactions, but to prevent customer abuse of the Free Checkout option and limit potential losses in case of inadvertent misconfiguration by the Seller allowing unintended Free Checkouts, our system will only process a limited number of Free Checkouts per day for each Seller. The Free Checkout limit starts at 100 per day for our basic $5 plan and scales up for larger accounts. See our help page on Free Checkouts for the full list.

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect on May 2018 and required major changes to how data must be handled across the world. Although this law only covers citizens of the EU there is no foolproof or effective way to determine who is covered or not on the internet even if you are not located in the EU yourself. For this particular subject the important thing to understand is that an individual cannot be added to a mailing list without "freely given, specific, informed and unambiguous" consent. In other words, they have to intentionally indicate that they want to join your mailing list and you cannot bury their agreement to join in any separate terms of service or make that a default option. Just giving away a free product with the expectation that they join your list in return is not sufficient, they will still have to make their agreement as a separate act.

So unless your potential leads specifically check the box to Subscribe for Newsletter and Updates they will not be added to your E-junkie mailing list. Likewise that also means that you can use your mailing list as proof of consent should the issue arise, and we'll handle the rest of the legal compliance by providing your new leads with an easy way to unsubscribe later, etc.