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Help with E-junkie Features

Sending Updates and Newsletters

Sending product Updates and Newsletters to buyers

What are Buyer Groups?

We automatically add each buyer's name and email to a Buyer Group list we maintain for each product they have purchased, if they tick an opt-in box to Subscribe to Newsletter & Product Updates during or after checkout. We can only send Updates/Newsletters to emails listed in a Buyer Group; a buyer's email may not be listed in a Buyer Group if their address has since become undeliverable, or if they have unsubscribed from the list, or if they opted-out of joining the list in the first place during checkout.

About Subscription Opt-ins

In order to comply with EU GDPR requirements, buyers can only be subscribed to an email list if they deliberatley choose to opt-in. If your product is itself a paid subscription to receive periodic delivery of purchased content via email, or a "pre-order" item sold to early buyers with digital delivery to be provided later, then to ensure that all buyers of the product are subscribed we can manually enable "soft opt-in" for the product -- i.e., an opt-in implicit by the fact they knowingly chose to purchase a subscription or pre-order product. If you'd like us to do this, just contact us to let us know which product(s) should have it enabled.

If you won't have any email newsletter subscriptions and don't want to distract your buyers with any opt-in checkboxes, you can go to Seller Admin > Manage Seller Account > Edit Preferences and tick Hide Subscribe checkbox in Checkout and Thank-you Pages; this will opt-out all your buyers from any subscriptions set up at our end.

For card-based checkout methods and our Free Checkout, we provide the opt-in checkbox on our checkout screen. PayPal's checkout site does not have a subscription opt-in feature, so those buyers will only be subscribed if they tick the opt-in box we provide on your E-junkie-generated thank-you/download page.

The opt-ins we use for Buyer Groups would also determine whether we submit the buyer to your Aweber or MailChimp integration, if you set that up. If you don't plan to send your buyers any newsletters or marketing emails, you can choose to Hide Subscribe checkbox in Seller Admin under Manage Seller Account > Edit Preferences, in which case all your buyers would be opted-out by default.

Removals and updating contact information

Whenever a payment is Refunded or Reversed, the buyer is automatically removed from the Buyer Group list(s) for the product(s) they'd purchased. To view or edit your Buyer Group lists or export them to a text file, log into your Seller Admin and click View/Edit Email Lists.

The Date Added timestamp in the Mailing List Admin now references when the buyer last purchased or repurchased the product or when the seller manually re-added them. This makes it practical to use Updates to distribute periodical files such as an online magazine -- e.g., if you sell subscriptions on an annual term or include a year's worth of free file updates with an initial purchase, you could manually remove buyers with a Date Added timestamp over a year old before sending out an Update batch.

Sending Updates

Update emails issue free links to download the latest file you have uploaded for a product. In your E-junkie Dashboard go to Manage Buyers > Send Updates/Newsletter. Select the product you want to send out and optionally enter a custom Subject and Email Message.

Just as with thank-you emails, any custom mesage you enter here would be added to our standard greeting and link presentation for the product, or you can tick Don't include default greeting and link/code to suppress that greeting and link, in which case you'd need to include the template tag [%download_link%] in your message where you want us to insert the recipient's link (ideally on a line by itself).

If you do not provide a custom message when you send the Update, we'll just send the Product Thank-you Email you have set up in that item's settings; in this case, first make sure the Subject and Email Message in the product's settings are satisfactory.

Select which Buyer Group(s) you want to receive the Update, then press Calculate Cost (see Pricing below). If the fee calculated is acceptable, click the Pay & Send button to proceed to PayPal for the fee payment. Once PayPal informs us that payment is completed, the Update will be sent and we will notify you by email once that is completed.

The link we provide in Update emails will lead to your thank-you page for that product where buyers can download the file. Each recipient's link will expire after the number of Attempts and Hours (whichever comes first) that you specify in the product's settings, and this will apply PDF Stamping if you'd set that up for the product -- just as if the recipient had actually purchased that product. You can preview the email which will go out, and the thank-you page reached via the link in that email, by sending yourself an email from Seller Admin > Manage Buyers > Send free download link.

NOTE: Products using any of the following settings will not be available for sending an Update:

  • Send Stored/Generated Codes;
  • Limit Available Stock;
  • Webhook Integration & Product Notification URL;
  • Remote Product File URL.

You can send Updates for such a product by temporarily disabling those features in the product's settings, then re-enable them if necessary after sending the Updates.

Sending Newsletters

Go to Seller Admin > Manage Buyers > Send Updates/Newsletter. Select Newsletter in the menu, then type a Subject and Email Message. Select the Buyer Group(s) who should receive it, and press Calculate Cost (see Pricing below). Once you make the payment (via PayPal) using the button provided there, the Newsletter will be sent, and we will notify you by email once that is completed.

If you need more sophisticated features or more frequent mailings, we can recommend using a mailing list specialist service such as Aweber, MailChimp or GetResponse, which may be cheaper in the long run as well. You can integrate E-junkie with those services to have your new buyers automatically subscribed to a list you maintain there.


Before you send the update, you will be shown the cost to send the update in the Admin and you will need to pay it using the button there to send the update. Our pricing for updates is calculated based on the following rules for each recipient:

For each unique email address in the list:
2.0 cents base cost
+ 1.0 cent per file (if applicable)
+ 0.1 cents per MB of the file (if applicable)


  • The minimum total free to send an Update batch is $1.00 USD;
  • We apply a delay of 1 second between sending each email;
  • Emails will only be sent to people who have bought your product or subscribed within the past year, and the fee is calculated accordingly; if you need to send emails to buyers over a year in the past, please contact us.