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Why was my subscription canceled when I didn't cancel it?

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Our subscriptions work as a payment plan in your own PayPal account, telling them to send us the same amount every month automatically. When PayPal cancels a subscription from their end, they don't tell us why, but these are the most common reasons we're aware of:

  • They were unable to process your regular monthly payment after trying 3 times over the course of 10 days;
  • You removed the subscription's backup funding source from your PayPal account;
  • The subscription's backup funding source became invalid (e.g., credit card expiration);
  • You edited account details about a funding source linked to your PayPal account that was assigned to the subscription, but then did not also update the subscription to use those new details (see how to update the backup funding source for your subscription);
  • You removed the last card account linked to your PayPal account (to have any active subscriptions, PayPal requires you must have a card at least linked to your account, even if you don't choose that card to fund the subscription).

If this happens, you simply need to restart a new subscription plan for your existing E-junkie account. We will continue your E-junkie services for a 20-day grace period after your last missed payment date, so you have that long to restart your subscription without risking any lapse in service—e.g., if your regular payment date is on the 5th, you would have until the 25th of that month to restart your subscription. Contact us if you need to request more time to restart a canceled subscription.