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E-junkie Guides

Where do you want to sell?

E-junkie offers a variety of options for where you can sell

  1. Sell on your Web site or blog

    Most common use case is pasting our Buy Now or Cart buttons on a page on your website or blog which you might have created specifically about your product. Click here for help with your particular CMS or Site Builder platform

    Some of our sellers sell on sites like Patreon or YouTube, instead of on their own website. We provide a "text link" version of our buy-now, as well as cart buttons for you to be able to sell on those websites.

  2. Sell on messengers, and newsletters

    If you are only selling a single product, and selling it on social media, or via email and messenger marketing, where you can only give limited details about your product, you can use our Product Card as a ready-to-use product landing page.

  3. Create a store

    If you are selling more than a few products, and instead of manually creating pages on your website and copying-pasting our buttons, you can also create a lean, mean Fat Free Shop by simply adding a few images and product details.

  4. Sell on ebay

    This is a special option geared for ebay sellers, who want to supplement their listings with an instant delivery of a file or code after a buyer purchases their product. Learn More

  5. Sell offline

    If other than selling online, you are also selling in fairs and exhibitions, you can take advantage of our POS. If you take offline orders on phone or email, you can invoice for those and keep track of those orders and payments with our invoicing feature.