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How to transfer your E-junkie account to a new owner

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  1. First, cancel your E-junkie subscription to stop sending us monthly payments; this will only stop payments, while the E-junkie account itself will remain active through its current prepaid month plus a 20-day grace period beyond that, which should allow ample time to complete the transfer.
  2. Once you have canceled, just go to Seller Admin > Manage Seller Acocunt > Edit Profile and update the business details there:
    • Change the Login Email to the new owner's address;
    • You may also wish to change the Display Email and delete your PayPal Email, so the new owner can provide their own PayPal Email there;
    • If you have enabled a card payment gateway under the Accept Credit Cards section, you can switch that back to I will accept Credit Cards via PayPal Standard, so the new owner can set up their own card payment gateway (if any) there;
    • Click Submit to apply changes, then sign out.
  3. The new owner can then use the Forgot Password section of our login screen to regain access to the account:
    • This will email them a reset-confirmation link that takes them back to our login page, while a temporary password will be emailed to them in a separate message;
    • Advise them to be patient in waiting for the reset-link and password to arrive, as using Forgot Password again would start this process over and disable any reset-links/passwords previously issued;
    • Once they login with their temporary password, they can go to Manage Seller Account > Edit Profile to change the password to something memorable, and update any other business details there while they're at it.
  4. The new owner can then start a new subscription of their own to resume payments for the E-junkie account.