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How to transfer your E-junkie account to a new owner

  1. First, cancel your E-junkie subscription to stop sending us monthly payments; this will only stop payments, while the E-junkie account itself will remain active through its current prepaid month plus a 20-day grace period beyond that, which should allow ample time to complete the transfer.
  2. Once you have canceled, just go to Seller Admin > Manage Seller Acocunt > Edit Profile and update the business details there:
    • Change the Login Email to the new owner's address;
    • You may also wish to change the Display Email and delete your PayPal Email, so the new owner can provide their own PayPal Email there;
    • If you have enabled a card payment gateway under the Accept Credit Cards section, you can switch that back to My payment processor will charge cards for me, so the new owner can set up their own card payment gateway (if any) there;
    • Click Submit to apply changes, then sign out.
  3. The new owner can then use the Forgot Password section of our login screen to regain access to the account:
    • This will email them a reset-confirmation link that takes them back to our login page, while a temporary password will be emailed to them in a separate message;
    • Advise them to be patient in waiting for the reset-link and password to arrive, as using Forgot Password again would start this process over and disable any reset-links/passwords previously issued;
    • Once they login with their temporary password, they can go to Manage Seller Account > Edit Profile to change the password to something memorable, and update any other business details there while they're at it.
  4. The new owner can then start a new subscription of their own to resume payments for the E-junkie account.
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