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Multiple subscription payments for a single E-junkie account

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First, bear in mind that if you do not normally maintain a balance of funds in your PayPal account, it would be normal to see two transactions in your PayPal account history for each subscription payment: one where PayPal taps your chosen funding source to bring up your PayPal account balance enough to cover the payment, and another where they actually send those funds to us as a subscription payment.

That transaction on your backup funding account may be an odd amount smaller than the subscription payment if your PayPal balance was already sufficient enough to cover part of the monthly payment, or may even exceed the payment amount if your PayPal balance was negative (e.g., due to payment refunds/reversals).

However, if you're still certain you've been sending us more than one payment every month, here's how to cancel a duplicate subscription:

  1. Log into your E-junkie Dashboard:
    • Go to Manage Seller Account > View Account Summary;
    • Note your Subscription ID (a long number starting with I-);
    • Also note the PayPal Email which is sending us your monthly payment
      (in case this differs from the PayPal Email where you're receiving buyer checkout payments)
  2. Open a new browser tab, log into PayPal with the PayPal Email that is sending us payments, and stay logged in;
  3. Click here to view your subscription(s) for us in PayPal;
  4. If you do have duplicate subscriptions:
    • You should see more than one listed there with Active status for our parent company:
    • If you see only one Active subscripton listed for us, you may have set up the duplicate in a different PayPal account, so you will need to log into that PayPal account and cancel the subscription there.
  5. Click the oldest Active subscription listed there for us (this should be the one lowest in the list);
  6. Verify the Billing ID there does not match the current Subscription ID in your E-junkie account;
  7. If it does match, go back to the list of subscriptions, click the next one for us in the list, and check the ID on that, until you find the ID that doesn't match;
  8. Click the Cancel button;
  9. Then confirm on the next screen by clicking the Cancel Automatic Payments button there;
  10. Contact us with your canceled Subscription/Billing ID and your E-junkie Login Email, then we'll be glad to refund your duplicate payment(s).