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Created multiple subscriptions for a single E-junkie account

First, bear in mind that if you do not normally maintain a balance of funds in your PayPal account, it would be normal to see two transactions in your PayPal account history for each subscription payment: one where PayPal taps your chosen funding source to bring up your PayPal account balance enough to cover the payment, and another where they actually send those funds to us as a subscription payment.

If you already have an active subscription with E-junkie, normally our system will not let you create another subscription for the same account; however, if PayPal does not immediately notify us of your new subscription due to some delay at their end, then during that delay it may be possible for you to attempt subscribing again and thereby wind up creating two subscriptions.

How to cancel a duplicate subscription:

  1. Log into your PayPal account and stay logged in:
    • Note this must be the PayPal account which is sending us your subscription payments, in case that may differ from any other PayPal account(s) you have;
    • In your E-junkie Dashboard, you can see which PayPal account to log into under Manage Seller Account > View Account Summary.
  2. Click here to view your subscription(s) for us;
  3. Open a new browser tab and log into your E-junkie account:
    • Go to Manage Seller Account > View Account Summary;
    • Note your Subscription ID for that account (a long number starting with I-).
  4. Switch back to the PayPal tab and click your latest payment to SINE INFO VENTURES PRIVATE LIMITED (our parent company);
  5. Verify the Recurring Payment ID there does not match the Subscription ID in your E-junkie account;
  6. If it does match, find your next prior subscription payment and check the ID on that, until you find the one that doesn't match;
  7. Click the View Recurring Payment Details link there;
  8. While viewing the payment details in PayPal, click the Cancel link;
  9. Then confirm by clicking the Cancel plan button that will appear;
  10. Contact us with your canceled Subscription ID and E-junkie Login Email, and we'll be glad to refund your duplicate payment(s).