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Free Checkout

Using E-junkie's built-in Free Checkout

Payment processors like PayPal will not process a zero dollar transaction, but you can still offer items for free through our cart! If a buyer's order total is 0.00 -- either because the item(s) they are ordering are priced at 0.00, or because a Discount reduced their order total to 0.00 -- then their cart will show a button for E-junkie's Free Checkout.

This is available via our Shopping Cart buttons and Product Pages, which are also used for E-junkie Shops in our Marketplace. Because Buy Now buttons connect directly to instant checkout with a specific payment service, which cannot handle no-payment orders, it is not possible to send free orders via the Buy Now button/link type.

Our Free Checkout simply requires the buyer to provide their Name and Email, and optionally their Company and Phone, before we would grant access to their Thank-you/Download page. The Name and Email each buyer provides can be added to the Buyer Group list we maintain for each product they order and can also be submitted to your Webhook Integration URL(s). If you wish, you can make the Phone field mandatory for all checkouts in your Seller Admin > Manage Seller Account > Edit Preferences screen.

Free Checkouts daily limit

To prevent customer abuse of the Free Checkout option and limit potential losses in case of inadvertent misconfiguration by the Seller allowing unintended Free Checkouts, our system will only process a limited number of Free Checkouts per day for each Seller. We will email you a notification when you have reached 80% of your limit for the day, and at every 5% increment thereafter. This daily Free Checkouts limit varies according to your subscription plan level:

Number of
Free Checkouts
Daily Limit
All plans allow unlimited sales delivering unlimited downloads
$8 10 200 MB 100
$10 40 2 GB 200
$20 150 8 GB 500
$40 Unlimited Unlimited 1000