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Selling in E-junkie Marketplace

E-junkie Marketplace

Help for Sellers:

If you don't have your own Web site or don't wish to add E-junkie button codes to your existing site, you can list your products in your own E-junkie Shop on our site, listing your products at a specific URL where you can send buyers—e.g., https://shopdemo.e-junkie.com/

When you start an E-junkie Subscription, products from your E-junkie Shop will also be listed in the general E-junkie Marketplace, where Google and other search engines can discover your products; this also provides an easy way for existing affiliates of other E-junkie merchants to find and join your affiliate program. Products new to the Marketplace should appear in search results within a week or so after they are added.

How to create your E-junkie Shop:

  1. Register for an E-junkie account if you don't already have your own E-junkie login;
  2. Log into your E-junkie Dashboard and go to Manage Seller Account > Edit Profile to add your PayPal Email and/or account details for other payment processors you can use with E-junkie;
  3. Click here for instructions to start adding product pages to your E-junkie Shop!

Help for Buyers:

Please verify the contact info from the seller's email or Web site and contact them directly regarding their products and services. E-junkie is only an automated software service that sellers use to manage their online orders, and E-junkie Marketplace Shops are just a place where they can choose to offer their products for sale. E-junkie cannot and does not supervise or review any product listings in the E-junkie Marketplace Shops; we do not endorse any merchant or product. We do not sell any products of our own, and we are not directly involved in any particular seller's business operations.

E-junkie is not a payment processor, so we do not receive or handle any actual payment funds on behalf of sellers, thus we cannot issue any refunds from our end. If you have paid for a product or found an unauthorized charge and cannot gain satisfaction from the seller directly, we would recommend that you file a dispute with your payment processor (e.g. using PayPal Resolution Center) and/or your bank or card issuer.