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Where do you want to sell?

Selling online from an email message or newsletter, messenger, or social network

Using E-junkie in an Email message or newsletter, messenger, or social network

You can use E-junkie to sell your product or service anywhere you can paste a link

In your E-junkie Dashboard go to Manage Products > Get Purchase Buttons/Links, then select an existing product you'd added to sell. This will show your purchase button/link code for that item, which you can simply copy and paste.

To sell directly from email newsletter, messenger service, or social network, you will probably want to copy the Text Link. You can paste that link URL directly into your email, messenger, or social network page, or use it to make a clickable image or text link if you can use HTML code or a link-maker.

Types of purchase link you can choose:

Furthermore, if you have a Shop in our site's Marketplace, you could just link to that or to any product page in your Shop.

See further tips for selling on Facebook and other social media here.