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Create and manage an affiliate program

Using E-junkie Affiliate Programs

Create and manage an affiliate program for products you sell through E-junkie purchase buttons

NOTE: Affiliate programs that you create with E-junkie do not work with any third-party purchase buttons not provided by E-junkie.

If you are an affiliate looking to join and participate in another seller's affiliate program, please see this help page for affiliates.

Obtain Your Affiliate Sign-Up Link Code

  1. After adding your product(s), go to Seller Admin > Manage Affiliate Program > Affiliate Program Settings;
  2. From the yellow box under Affiliate Sign-Up Link Code, select and copy the link code provided;
  3. Paste the code into your Web site page, wherever you are recruiting affiliates to join your program;
  4. If you need to provide a sign-up link anywhere you can't use HTML code (e.g., via email or in a forum), you can use the bare link URL from that code, like so:

If you are going to provide any special terms, instructions, images or banners to link, etc., you may wish to set that up on a single affiliate Information/recruitment page on your site, where your actual sign-up link would appear as part of your instructions. All your other affiliate recruitment links posted elsewhere should then point to that page, and we'd recommend pasting a link to that page in your Affiliate Program Settings > More Information URL, which provides an easy way for existing affiliates to find their way back to that page via their Affiliate Admin.

After clicking your sign-up link to join your program, your affiliates will be able to log into their own E-junkie Affiliate Admin, where they can obtain any/all affiliate link codes you offer. You may wish to click your own sign-up link to join your own program, so you can see what your affiliates will see after they join. You are expected to provide any technical support your affiliates may require, though we're always glad to help you troubleshoot any issues you may encounter.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: E-junkie's affiliate system is free for affiliates to use at no charge. You may not require payment of any kind of fee for anyone to join or participate in your E-junkie affiliate programs, and we will suspend any merchant accounts in our system who are discovered to be conducting such schemes.

Common Affiliate Program Settings

This is the simplest method, for when you want to offer the same commission percentage for all of your products and issue just one easy link for each affiliate to use. You can override this Common percentage with product-specific percentages (see below), but you cannot exempt any products from granting commission if you have a Common percentage set.

  1. After adding your product(s), go to Seller Admin > Manage Affiliate Program > Affiliate Program Settings;
  2. Enter a Common Affiliate Share % -- this is the percentage of the purchase price each affiliate will earn as commission on their referred sales;
  3. Common Hop Link Landing Page URL:
    • This is your page where buyers will arrive after clicking an affiliate's link, and can be a specific product page, your main Shopping page, or just your site's homepage (you do not need a special landing page just for affiliate links);
    • This will also serve as the fallback landing page for any defunct product-specific hop links (e.g., if you later deleted the product or disabled its product-specific link);
  4. Optional: More Information URL of a page for affiliates to refer to on your site -- your affiliates will see a More Information link in their affiliate Admin, which they can click to view any special terms, instructions, etc. you may provide for their reference;
  5. List affiliate program details in E-junkie Marketplace and your E-junkie Shop:
    • Check this if you want existing affiliates in E-junkie's system to be able to discover your affiliate program -- this will require you to post product listings to your E-junkie Shop;
    • Uncheck this if you want your affiliate program to be more private, so affiliates can only join your program by the sign-up links you either post to your own site or provide to pre-approved affiliates personally.
  6. Click Apply to save changes.

Buyers who click a Hop Link will be redirected to your landing page URL while our system sets a referral cookie in the buyer's browser that expires in 6 months. Every product the buyer purchases from you during the lifespan of that cookie will track the affiliate's referral and any commissions they earned.

Product-Specific Affiliate Settings (optional)

These allow you to define a unique Hop Link landing page URL and/or a unique commission percentage for each product, and you can also optionally allow affiliates to sell your products directly from their own site rather than referring buyers to your site for all purchases. If you don't need any of those things and have set up a Common affiliate Program (described above), then you can safely ignore these Product-specific affiliate Settings altogether.

  1. Go to Seller Admin > Manage Affiliate Program > Affiliate Program Settings;
  2. Scroll down to Product-specific Affiliate Settings;
  3. Select a product from the menu;
  4. Product Hop Link Landing Page URL:
    • The page where buyers will arrive after clicking an affiliate's Product Hop Link for this item -- this should be a page where you promote and sell the selected item;
    • You can leave this field blank if you don't want to offer affiliates a specific hop link for the selected item;
    • Affiliates do not need to use a Product Hop Link to earn commission on their referred sales of that item;
    • However, you do need to set up a Product Hop Link if you want the item's Product Share % to override your Common Share % on all Hop Link-referred sales of that item;
    • Buyers who click a Hop Link will be redirected to your landing page URL for that link, while our system sets a referral cookie in the buyer's browser that expires in 6 months.
  5. Product Affiliate Share:
    • This is the percentage of the purchase price each affiliate will earn as commission on their referred sales of this item;
    • If you also enable the Product Hop Link, the referring affiliate would earn your Product Share % on any purchased items which have one, and your Common Share % on any other purchased items, regardless of which kind of Hop Link a buyer follows;
    • If you do not enter a Product Hop Link Landing Page URL, the Product Affiliate Share would only apply to Direct Link sales of the item (see below);
  6. Enable Product Direct Link:
    • Tick this box to offer your affiliates a Buy Now button they can place on their site to let buyers purchase directly without being redirected to your site;
    • The buyer will still order directly from you and pay you in full during checkout, and the rest of the purchase process will stay the same as if the buyer purchased from your site;
    • The affiliate will earn the item's Product Share % on each order placed through their Direct Link button;
    • Unlike Hop Links, this does not set a referral cookie for residual commission earnings on future purchases, and does not use your Common Share % if no Product Share % is specified;
    • This option will be unavailable if your product has Variants or Variations;
    • This option does not support checkout payments using ClickBank.
  7. You can exempt a product from affiliate sharing by one of these methods:
    • Leave your Common Share at 0% even if you enable your Common Hop Link, and then just enable the Product Hop Link and specify a Product Share % only for items that should grant a commission;
    • Enable its Product Hop Link and set a 0% product-specific percentage.

Pay Your Affiliates

After the end of each calendar month you will need to obtain a commission report from Seller Admin > Manage Affiliate Program > Pay Your Affiliates. That generates a masspay.txt file which lists each affiliate's lump-sum commission totals for the last completed month, based on the state of your transaction logs at that moment. For this reason, we recommend waiting until after the 15th of the month to obtain your commission report, to allow time for any pending transactions, refunds or reversals to be processed which may affect affiliate earnings in the prior month.

You can upload that file to PayPal Mass Payments to pay out commissions to all your affiliates at once; they will receive the complete amount you pay without any fee deduction, and you pay a smaller transaction fee to make a Mass Payment than you would by making each payment individually. To make a Mass Payment, log into your PayPal account and click Tools (new PayPal interface) or Send Money (classic PayPal), then click Mass Payment, then click Use Mass Payment. You may need PayPal to enable Mass Payment for your account first; see the PayPal Restrictions for Mass Payments section below for details.

We only offer this Mass Payment file as a convenience for you. If you have an understanding with your affiliates to pay with an alternate method, you can simply use the Mass Payment file as a reference for figuring out how much you owe to each affiliate. Make sure that you use a payment method which can be tracked in the event of a dispute.

PayPal Restrictions for Mass Payments

PayPal is now restricting access to their Mass Payments feature. Merchants who have used Mass Payments previously are grandfathered-in and should be able to continue using it. Merchants using PayPal Payments Pro, or who have a PayPal Business or Premier account with at least $3,000 in revenue for any past month, can call PayPal Business Support at 888-215-5506 to discuss MassPay eligibility. If you did not have sufficient revenue through PayPal in any past month, contact us so we can try to work with PayPal on enabling Mass Payments for you; even If you don't qualify, you can simply open your monthly masspay.txt file and use that as a reference to send out commission payments manually, one at a time, through PayPal or by any other means you wish.

Viewing & Reporting Affiliate Sales

Affiliates are notified by email every time their referral generates a sale, regardless of whether they earned a commission on the sale or not. We do recommend granting at least a nominal commission on all products (most easily done by setting a Common Share %), as affiliates may reasonably expect at least some token compensation for generating a sale which most likely would not have happened at all without their referral.

Affiliates can also view their referrals that generated a sale in the Earnings Report screen of their affiliate Admin, and your E-junkie Transaction Log will note the Affiliate ID and commission earned for any affiliate-referred sale.

We do not track or report affiliate link click-through rates. An affiliate who sends tons of traffic to your site doesn't count for much if they never generate any actual sales for you. Only actual sales generated by affiliate referrals count, regardless of how much or how little traffic they send your way.

Editing Individual Affiliates

To view a list of affiliates who have joined your program, go to Seller Admin > Manage Affiliate Program > View/Edit Affiliates. Note that each affiliate's Date of Registration shown there inidicates when they first joined E-junkie, not necessarily when they joined your own particular program. For each affiliate on that list, you can:

  • Delete (ban) an affiliate - Deleted affiliates cannot rejoin your program and will be unable to earn any new commissions; however, note that Deleting an affiliate does not void their commission earnings prior to being removed, so if you don't want to pay those commission earnings (e.g., due to affiliate misconduct), you should open the masspay.txt file you generate after the end of the month, manually delete their line from that file, then resave the file before submitting it to PayPal Mass Payment;
  • Grant an extra percentage - For highly-productive affiliates or when you want to negotiate a custom commission rate with each affiliate. This percentage gets calculated for all items purchased by buyers referred by this affiliate, regardless of any other commission settings and in addition to any other commissions the affiliate earns according to those settings.

Help for Affiliates

This help page for affiliates explains how our system works from an affiliate's perspective, after they click your sign-up link to join your program.