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What is E-junkie? How does it work?

What is E-junkie?

E-junkie is a centrally-managed, copy-paste shopping cart and digital delivery service to sell anything, anywhere, easily.

E-junkie provides you with Shopping Cart and Buy Now buttons to let you sell downloads and tangible goods on your website, blog, eBay, social media, and other websites using PayPal and a broad selection of other popular payment services.

For merchants selling downloads, we automate and secure the digital delivery of your files and codes. If you are selling tangible goods, we automate the shipping calculation and inventory management. Our shopping cart has a built in sales tax, VAT, packaging and shipping cost calculator.

Check our feature list for our other features like discount codes, newsletters, affiliate system, etc.

Why do you need E-junkie?

Anybody who wants to sell anything online can use E-junkie to get their product up for sale in a matter of minutes.

  • E-junkie buttons are ready-made, copy-paste HTML code -- it does not get any easier than that!
  • E-junkie buttons can be placed anywhere you can paste HTML or make a link;
  • E-junkie's standard shopping cart appears as an overlay  "inside" your website (not in a popup window), presenting a smooth shopping experience for your buyers within your existing site branding.
  • E-junkie has built in support for sales tax, discount coupons, affiliate program, , inventory management and can also promote your product on Google Shopping.

If you are selling tangible items, then you will benefit from our smart and configurable shipping and packaging calculator.

If you are selling digital items:

  • Buyers get the instant gratification they expect while buying a digital item, as they can get their download instantly as soon as their payment is complete;
  • You do not have to worry about checking your account and sending products manually;
  • Your product is safe, as every buyer gets a unique download link which expires after the number of hours or download attempts you specify.

All this for a low monthly flat fee!

How does E-junkie work?

Step 1
Once you register for E-junkie to start your 14-DAY FREE TRIAL, then you can start adding products in your E-junkie Seller Admin. For each product, we provide ready-made HTML code for your E-junkie CART BUTTONS and BUY NOW buttons (you can use either or both types of button, based on your needs). Simply copy this button code and paste it into your website. See our Getting Started page for more detailed instructions.
Step 2
A buyer clicks on your E-junkie purchase button and reaches the checkout page, where they pay you directly via your chosen payment processor. The payment processor notifies our server when they complete the payment, and our server verifies the payment confirmation and screens for pricing fraud.
Step 3
After payment is completed, we grant the buyer access to a thank-you page where we present their unique download link(s) automatically, and we also issue them a thank-you email with a link to reach the thank-you/download page in case they did not proceed there after checkout.

What makes E-junkie different?

Unlike "licensed" e-commerce solutions, E-junkie does not require you to install and configure any software on your own server nor obtain an SSL security certificate for your domain. We spare you all that technical hassle by managing the back-end software for you, and our checkouts are handled securely by using either a trusted payment processor's own secure checkout site (e.g. PayPal) or a secure checkout page we generate for your payment gateway (e.g. Authorize.Net).

Unlike many other "hosted" e-commerce solutions, E-junkie does not require you to send buyers to a shopping page you'd maintain on our site (though you could still do that if you wish), nor do we impose any page template on your product listings. Rather, we simply provide you with purchase buttons to place on your own Web site, wherever you wish among your own product pictures, text, and layout; better yet, our standard shopping cart appears as an overlay "inside" your own site, presenting a smooth shopping experience for your buyers within your existing site branding.

Finally, unlike the native shopping cart solutions provided by various payment processors that lock you into using their own payment service, the E-junkie cart lets you accept checkout payments via multiple different payment processors and allows each buyer to pick which payment method they prefer among those you accept.