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How to test your E-junkie setup?

E-junkie cart needs to be tested online. For the cart in your page to work correctly, the page where you paste your E-junkie cart button codes must be:

  • Uploaded on a live Web site (a "local" copy of a page saved to your hard drive won't work);
  • Have a domain name in its URL (a URL using just a numeric IP address won't work);
  • Tested in a regular Web browser (the "preview" mode in many Web-design programs probably won't work);
  • Accessed from a computer with a live Internet connection (loading the page and then going offline will not work).

If you don't want to test with purchase buttons in a live page just yet, you can test your purchase links directly. From your E-junkie Dashboard, go to Manage Products > Get Purchase Buttons/Links, select the product you want to test, then click the type of button you want to test (Cart, Buy Now, or Product Page), and next to that button's Text Link code, click the Open button.

Bear in mind that each buyer's cart persists for up to 10 days after their last cart view, so don't let this confuse you when your testing cart "remembers" any items you'd added, discounts you'd applied, or a shipping destination you'd selected yesterday. In this case, you can simply remove all products from the cart, or to completely reset your testing cart and start over from a "clean slate", just clear your browser cookies or use an Incognito/Private browser window.

Testing a product's file download

To verify that a product's download links are issuing the correct, complete file, go to Manage Buyers > Send free download link/code, then enter your own email address there to send yourself a free link to test. If you have set up PDF Stamping for your product, this link will issue a Stamped copy of your file.

NOTE: currently this will not actually send any email message, but you can still see and test the free links generated here; if you also want to test your thank-you email(s), you can place a free test order, as covered below under Testing your shopping cart.

You can also test the download link(s) issued to a specific buyer. Just go to View Order History > Transaction Log and click the Transaction ID in the log for any order, or the Item Name of any particular item in that order. This will bring up the thank-you page we would generate for that buyer using your current settings, where you can test their download links. Note that your own download test(s) would count against the number of download Attempts you allow on that buyer's link.

Testing your shopping cart

You can temporarily set your product price to 0.00 and use your E-junkie Add to Cart buttons to do a test purchase. You'll then be able to place an order through our Free Checkout, instead of going through your regular payment processor. This will allow you to review your current thank-you page and thank-you email customization results without without having to go through a paid checkout.

If your products are already live on your site—and thus you may not want to set your product price to 0.00 even temporarily for testing—then you can create a secret discount code that takes 100% Off the Cart Item Total. Then you can simply apply that code in your cart while testing to activate the Free Checkout option for yourself. If you calculate Shipping, you may also need to create another secret discount for 100% Off Shipping+Handling; you can use the same Discount Code for this, just take care to give it a different Discount Name.

Testing checkout with your payment processor

If you want to test your product setup and checkout process complete with a paid checkout using your chosen payment processor(s), you will need to make an actual, live purchase yourself. For security reasons, E-junkie does not allow using sandbox/test/demo-mode payment accounts.

To make this test payment for a trivial amount, you can temporarily set your product price to 0.01, or create a secret Discount Code for 99% off the Cart Item Total. If you use Stripe, note they require a 0.50 minimum payment amount, so in that case set your testing price or discount accordingly. Of course, most payment processors will let you refund the payment as soon as you're done testing.

Note that PayPal will not let you "pay yourself", so you can't test PayPal checkout with the same PayPal account that would receive the payment. The option to Pay with Credit or Debit Card on PayPal's checkout site also will not work with any card that's already linked to any PayPal account, nor with a card that's registered to the same person as the receiving PayPal account. You can only test a live PayPal checkout with someone else's PayPal account or card that isn't linked to any PayPal account—e.g., borrow a friend or colleague's PayPal account, or just have them perform the test checkout for you.