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Selling PLR Products Online via E-junkie

Start your own business selling PLR material via E-junkie

E-junkie's shopping cart can help you sell just about anything online. But if you don't have your own product ready to sell, you can still start your own online business by purchasing the right to resell PLR Products.

PLR - Private Label Rights - products are ebooks and other content created by other people who are willing to sell you the license to distribute that material as your own product. Creating copies of digital content to distribute online costs nothing, so with the legal license to resell that material you can start your own personal business for almost nothing! All you need to do is put in the work of marketing this material to your paying customers.

To get started your first step should be finding the material you want to sell. You can search for PLR products online and find them at sites like ThePLRStore.com.

Be sure to look over what you are allowed to do with the rights you are purchasing. Because anyone can buy and then resell this content sometimes there are limits to how many copies you can sell, or to how many people will be allowed to buy the rights on the original content so that you won't be selling the same thing as dozens of other marketers. But often you will be allowed to do anything you want with the content you have purchased... including the right to make changes and put your own name on the cover! It's not a bad idea at all to personalize or even improve the content you're purchasing. You can think of the purchased content as a springboard to make something entirely of your own!

You can also use PLR content as a free bonus alongside your own personal material, or use it as a giveaway to generate leads.

Once you have the content you want to sell you can get started with E-junkie right away. We'll handle the job of delivering your content after you are paid via PayPal or one of the other payment services we support. The only cost of doing business after you've purchased your PLR products is our low monthly cost and the small transaction fee your payment processor will charge.

We also provide a built in affiliate system that allows you to recruit others to promote your products for you, in exchange for a percentage of each sale. You're in full control of how much you wish to pay for each referral. It's always a good idea to stay involved in your own promotion and marketing, but you can think of your affiliates as sales people that you hire to do that work for you!

All this adds up to a profitable business that you can run from your own home on your own time. You can get started today!