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Help with E-junkie Features

Block Buyers/Transactions

Block Buyers or Transactions

Block Buyers

If you don't want E-junkie to process orders from certain buyers, you can go to Seller Admin > Manage Buyers > Block Buyers/Transactions enter their name (Firstname, Lastname, or Firstname Lastname) and/or email address in this list, one name or email per line, like so:
john doe
This may be useful if you are selling digital goods and don't want known competitors to purchase and obtain your product, or in case you have a fraudulent repeat buyer who keeps making purchases and then demanding a reversal from the payment processor after they have already obtained a download or code.

We also support wildcard matching with ? (matches any single character) or * (matches any string of characters) - e.g., entering *@example.com would block all buyers with an email address @example.com.

NOTE: This will not block the buyer from making a purchase, because our system has no way of knowing who buyers are until after they have already placed their order and completed checkout. This will only tell our system not to process any orders for blocked buyers once their payment is completed. You can then just refund their payment from your payment processor account.

Block Transactions

You can also specify a Transaction ID for an order that our system has not yet processed, and which you don't want our system to process, such as orders which you have already fulfilled manually.

E.g., if the payment processor is taking too long to complete a buyer's payment and notify our system of that after the buyer has finished checkout, or if you want to satisfy a buyer immediately while you sort out some glitch with their payment, you can use Send Free Download Link / Code to send them a link or code manually, then enter their Transaction ID to make sure our system won't automatically send them yet another link/code if and when the payment processor does finally notify us of completed payment.