Resources September 25th 2015

Conquering Common Social Media Marketing Challenges

If you’re a small business owner, you probably already know how important and difficult social media marketing can be for your business. Our solutions for the most common social media challenges.

E-junkie Guides September 23rd 2015

How to Sell a File Larger Than 500 MB

When are selling your products online, you may have a need to include files that are large.

Tips, Tutorials, Guides & How-Tos September 21st 2015

Hiring Freelance Workers for your Small Business

When you start a new business, youll often be doing all the work on your own for awhile. But hiring freelance workers can help free you up and get things done right.

Resources September 18th 2015

Setting Up My Own Business: The Trouble, Strife and Triumph, Month Eight

"Deciding to leave the rat race and then setting up my own business has been extremely liberating, yet utterly knee-trembling move to make." New entrepreneur Natasha Spencer shares her experience.

News September 16th 2015

No Longer a Blast From the Past

Lets face it, the E-junkie website used to look like an artifact from the Wayback Machine.

E-junkie Guides June 30th 2015

How to Charge VAT to your Buyers in the European Union

With the changes in the VAT regulations, our VAT system has changed slightly. Heres what you need to know about VAT taxes...

Resources June 30th 2015

Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Start Writing Your Business Plan

When you are preparing to get a business started, one thing you MUST nail down is your business plan.

E-junkie Guides June 30th 2015

Collecting Donations for Non-Profits with E-Junkie

E-junkie has a number of non-profits clients. To help facilitate collecting donations for non-profits, E-junkie has a feature that will allow buyers to name their own price.

Resources June 30th 2015

What You Need to Know About Online Marketing

Online advertising has the advantage of being more cost-efficient than real-world ads, BUT the online space is oversaturated. How to make your mark with online marketing...

Tips, Tutorials, Guides & How-Tos June 30th 2015

Business 101: Social Video Marketing

Social video has become a hugely effective marketing tool, particularly for online businesses.

Resources June 30th 2015

Why SHOULDN'T You Buy Twitter Followers?

If you buy Twitter followers, you might be hurting instead of helping your business.

Tips, Tutorials, Guides & How-Tos June 26th 2015

Business 101: If You Have a Good Idea for a Product or Service, Research and Test It

Have you ever had what you thought might be a good idea and then decided not to work on it, only to find out sometime later someone else released a similar product or service and had huge success? Feeling like you missed out because you didnt try isnt fun.