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E-junkie Guides August 28th 2017

How To Use E-junkie: How to Pre-Sale Items

It is not uncommon in a business for a new product to be heading to the shelves, or the digital shelves, and for the business to want to presale that item. After all, you may need to know how many you want to have to start, or if it is a downloadable product you want to see how many people are eager for its release.

E-junkie Guides August 14th 2017

How to Use E-junkie: Downloading and Importing the Transaction Log

Being able to download your online transactions to your computer so you can look at them in any format you want is important to any eCommerce business. Luckily with E-junkie you are able to do just that.

E-junkie Guides July 31st 2017

How to Use E-junkie: Blocking Buyers by Location

When running a business there could be many reason why you do not want to, or cannot, sell to certain areas. Trade agreements, or restrictions, may make selling to certain countries illegal, or cost prohibitive

E-junkie Guides July 17th 2017

How to Use E-junkie: With WIX

E-junkie is a do it yourself online shopping cart system. But even so, you do not need to do it all with HTML code. You can use E-junkie with systems like WIX.

E-junkie Guides June 5th 2017

How to Use E-junkie: Stripe Integration

The new updates to our system include integration with Stripe. This will provide merchants with a new payment processor to use for sales, and the option of Bitcoin as a currency for payments from buyers.

E-junkie Guides May 31st 2017

E-junkie Updates: Late Spring 2017

E-junkie is continually trying to improve our system, and while sometimes the changes are not the one that some users want to see, changes are being made.

E-junkie Guides April 20th 2017

How to Use E-junkie: With WordPress

We pride ourselves on the ease of use our eCommerce solution provides.

E-junkie Guides March 28th 2017

How to Use E-junkie: Using E-junkie with Facebook

If you keep up with our blog, than you know that you can use Facebook to advertise your business.

E-junkie Guides February 23rd 2017

How To Use E-junkie: Button Customization

One of the nice things about E-junkie is that since we provide our button codes in basic HTML code you are able to customize it to better fit you site.

E-junkie Guides January 26th 2017

How To Use E-junkie: Customizing the Cart

We here at E-junkie, well our development team really, is working on a new overlay shopping cart.

E-junkie Guides December 14th 2016

How to Use E-junkie: The E-junkie Transaction Log

As we have said in the past E-junkie is a simple, do-it-yourself, style setup.

E-junkie Guides November 23rd 2016

How to Use E-junkie: Braintree Integration

In an attempt to keep moving forwards, we have just added Braintree integration to E-junkie as a first step in adding new features to our system.