Resources December 7th 2016

The 6 Best Mobile Social Media Management Apps

Every social media manager out there knows that the most ideal place to do social media management is from the comfort of your computer, preferably with a beverage of your choice.

Tips, Tutorials, Guides & How-Tos November 30th 2016

Email Marketing: Advantages, Disadvantages and What to Avoid

On any given day chances are you see at least one marketing email in your email inbox.

E-junkie Guides November 23rd 2016

How to Use E-junkie: Braintree Integration

In an attempt to keep moving forwards, we have just added Braintree integration to E-junkie as a first step in adding new features to our system.

Resources November 16th 2016

Funnel Mistakes: Start to Avoid Them Once and Forever

Even professional funnel builders conduct silly mistakes that may ruin their business.

Tips, Tutorials, Guides & How-Tos November 9th 2016

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Advertising on Pinterest

Over the past nearly seven years Pinterest has grown from a start-up site to having over 70 million users.

E-junkie Guides November 2nd 2016

How to Use E-junkie: Adding a License Agreement to Your Cart

When you decide to start selling your products online you may want to have your buyers agree to a set of terms and conditions, you know the annoying things that ask you to check a box after reading pages of legalese before they let you use their system.

Resources October 26th 2016

10 Tools That Make Managing Social Media Marketing a Breeze

There’s no denying the potential of social media marketing, but it comes at a steep cost of time and energy.

Tips, Tutorials, Guides & How-Tos October 19th 2016

Advertising with Tumblr: The Advantages and Disadvantages

After nearly ten years Tumblr is one of the main social networking systems available.

E-junkie Guides October 12th 2016

How to Use E-junkie: Adding Mutiple Products with One Button

When you setup your E-junkie buttons on your website, you may sometimes decide to sell certain products with other products, maybe they are usually purchased together and you want to make it easier on your customers.  So, lets look into how to use a single Add to Cart button that will add more than one product to the cart.

Resources October 5th 2016

6 Ecommerce Web Design Trends to Embrace in 2017

The trends in web design may not be as fleeting as in the fashion industry, but an ecommerce business that wants to gain an edge has to follow them.

Tips, Tutorials, Guides & How-Tos September 28th 2016

Keeping Your Business Up To Date

Here at E-junkie we know the importance of having to move forward, and make changes when the need arises.

E-junkie Guides September 21st 2016

How to Use E-junkie: Upgrading Your Account

For better, or worse, businesses change, they may grow, or shrink, but that is how things go.