Resources December 7th 2015

How to Increase Engagement for Your Small Business

As a small business owner, you are automatically the underdog. But if you increase engagement, you can move you to the top of the heap.

Resources December 3rd 2015

Setting Up My Own Business: The Trouble, Strife and Triumph, Month Ten

Guest post by new entrepreneur Natasha Spencer on the trials and tribulations of setting up her own business.

E-junkie Guides December 1st 2015

Selling Goods With Variants (Multiple Product Options)

Online sellers often want to offer goods with variants to allow for customers to choose between multiple product options (different sizes, different colors, different fits, etc.). With E-junkie, you can setup a single product that covers the product plus all of the options youre offering.

E-junkie Guides November 25th 2015

Setting Discounts for Individual Products

So, we have shown you how to set-up gift coupons and general cart discounts, now lets work on setting up discounts for individual products.

Society & Culture November 23rd 2015

The Black Friday Origin Story

The day after Thanksgiving has long been seen as the first (and biggest) shopping day of the holiday season but this wasnt always the case. Heres the story of Black Friday...

E-junkie Guides November 17th 2015

Setting Up An All Cart Discount

Looking to run a 20%, 30%, 50% off sale? Heres how to set up a general, all cart discount.

Resources November 16th 2015

What You Need To Know About Fake Online Reviews

It is no surprise that consumers are growing more aware of fake product reviews. In order to not damage your online reputation, heres what you need to know about fake online reviews...

Tips, Tutorials, Guides & How-Tos November 13th 2015

What You Should Do Before Black Friday

Holiday sales events keep growing - Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday and on and on. But what do you really need to do to prepare?

Resources November 11th 2015

How E-Commerce Businesses Can Capitalize On Pinterest's Buyable Pins

Social media can be a hugely beneficial for e-commerce businesses, and Pinterests Buyable Pins can be an effective component of your marketing mix. Heres why...

Tips, Tutorials, Guides & How-Tos November 9th 2015

Gearing Up for the Holiday Sales Season

Well it is about that time of year again. The holiday sales season! This year, the holidays run from December 6th (Hanukkah) to January 19th (Christmas for the Armenian Patriarch of Jerusalem).

E-junkie Guides November 5th 2015

Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up E-junkie Gift Cards & Gift Coupons

With the Holiday season upon us, you might want to consider allowing your customers to purchase a gift card or gift coupon that they can give as a present.

Cool Stuff November 3rd 2015

It's National Novel Writing Month - Get to Work!

Last weekend was the start of the 16th National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo).