Resources August 3rd 2017

5 Signs Its Time to Hire a New Employee

For any business, there comes a point when you need to hire someone new. Even for an e-commerce business, this can certainly be the case. Needing to hire a new employee means that your business is doing well.

E-junkie Guides July 31st 2017

How to Use E-junkie: Blocking Buyers by Location

When running a business there could be many reason why you do not want to, or cannot, sell to certain areas. Trade agreements, or restrictions, may make selling to certain countries illegal, or cost prohibitive

Resources July 27th 2017

10 Tools to Write Content for People and Optimize it for Google

Creating content that is search engine optimized is about more than using appropriate keywords. In order to improve search engine rankings, draw in new readers and keep people returning to a website, it is important to create content that is meaningful, useful and interesting.

Tips, Tutorials, Guides & How-Tos July 24th 2017

Business Cards and the 21st Century

For well over a century everyone who was anyone in business needed to have business cards. What was their purpose at first, in recent years and what purpose do they serve now?

E-junkie Guides July 17th 2017

How to Use E-junkie: With WIX

E-junkie is a do it yourself online shopping cart system. But even so, you do not need to do it all with HTML code. You can use E-junkie with systems like WIX.

Resources July 13th 2017

How to Make Your Employees Think About Business Strategically

The growth of a business is a product of a collaborative effort, therefore, teaching your employees the ways of strategic business thinking will boost your entire operation.

Tips, Tutorials, Guides & How-Tos July 10th 2017

How Much Time and Money Should You Spend on Marketing

You have to spend money to make money, or so they say. So when it comes to spending money on advertising your business, how much time and money should you spend?

Resources June 29th 2017

Building Backlinks Through PR

Almost 80 percent of the traffic on a website originates from search engines. Despite the popularity of social media and other forms of marketing, search engines are still the primary driver of traffic for almost all kind of businesses.

Tips, Tutorials, Guides & How-Tos June 26th 2017

How Much Should You Have to Start Your Business

When you are trying to create your business plan, you will want to outline how much money you need. But how do you decide how much money you need? An old stand by was that you want to have enough for your business to last 6 months. However, that may not be enough.

Resources June 22nd 2017

Data Loss Scenarios Your Company Must Plan For

The vast majority of data loss which companies experience come from common areas. They are not elaborate hacks involving pages and pages of source code and black hooded characters. They are ordinary people making mistakes.

Resources June 15th 2017

7 Content Marketing Tools to Increase Customer Retention Across Channels

You can spend 5X as much acquiring a new consumer as retaining an old one.But retaining consumer attention in today’s content-busy scenario is hard, especially because consumer attention spans have dropped.

Tips, Tutorials, Guides & How-Tos June 12th 2017

Weighing the Risks

When Richard and Maurice McDonald opened their first restaurant in 1937 they didn’t know how well it would do.